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Plant a seed a watch it grow … 2012 in Review

Before typing this post, I knew I’d have to bullet point it so I wasn’t sitting here writing a novel putting others to sleep. This year has been one heck of a year for growth and I find myself feeling like a true Passion Flower(leaving the whole Christian meaning behind – I’m not here to preach about Christ, so don’t worry).

To me, I was a little seed in the my mom’s womb and each year would grow and grow and grow into a little flower. As I grew I felt like a little Yellow Daisy, then a Sunflower when I began floral design and now, a Passion Flower. It amazes me sometimes the amount of passion I have for my career and how much I love sharing it with others. Every day I’m growing into my own type of “rare flower” which is very different from others.

So I’m going to bullet point my year in Review as best as I can and hope you will enjoy my journey and continue to travel with me as 2013 begins in less than 24 hours.

  • Jan. 2012 – I began working for J Morgan Flowers
  • I set up a Chuppah for the first time in my life
  • March – I traveled to Cozumel, Mexico with Nick & Family, exploring all there was to see and being even more grateful for what we have and a strong appreciation for my surroundings – nature and human life.
  • May. 2012 – I was rewarded a scholarship for the AIFD National Symposium in Miami
  • I began creating Headdress on my own head, challenging myself and showing the world what I’m capable of.
  • June. 2012 – Nick & I adopted our dog, a Shiba Inu named Zen.
  • My sister, Katie gave birth to a beautiful baby boy – who is my little Bird of Paradise.
  • July. 2012 – Caliente ! Literally the time of my life . I love my AIFD Family and look forward to testing in Chicago – 2014
  • I met and worked with PIM VAN DEN AKKER in Miami & helped other wonderful designers &artists.
  • August. 2012 – I began working as a Floral Cotton Affiliate for Miami, FL
  • I started blogging ! Who would of ever thought ?! I love sharing my knowledge and the creative ideas of others with those around me.
  • Sept. 2012 – Nick & I went to Hawaii
  • Oct. 2012 – I stood as a God-mother for my adorable nephew
  • I had my first HOW – TO article published in Floral Design Magazine of New Zealand.
  • Nov. 2012 – Created a bikini out of Spray Roses
  • Dec. 2012 – Created angel wings out of over 1,000 Rose Petals and tested my creativity against Mother Nature.

I’ve found out so much about myself as a designer in 2012 and cannot wait for 2013 and the path I will travel. I hope you all take travel this road with me. Just as each flower tells a story, every person does as well. Where did your story begin and what chapter are you on now ? What are you looking forward to in the New Year and what are your creative goals you have set ?

In 2013, I’ll be spreading my wings, learning, educating and look forward to working with fabulous designers ! Thank you all who have impacted my life and floral career. Each one of you holds a special place in my heart.




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