Rustic meets Modern for a Charming Winter Wedding

On Saturday, January. 15, 2022 we kicked off the new year by designing a very elegant wedding for Laura and Matt at the historic venue in downtown Raleigh, The Merrimon-Wynne House. My dear friend, Susan helped with the set up leaving us stress free that day. We worked along side Amy with Plume Events for all the details which saved everyone from stressing out. If you are looking for a planner, look no further, Amy is amazing!

It was a cold, cold day in Raleigh but the ceremony was indoors, along with the cocktail hour in the house and reception back in the Carriage House. The ceiling was adorned in Southern Smilax from Petal & Oak then we designed the floral elements for the ceremony arbor, aisle decor and tablescapes.

The ceremony arbor was provided by the venue which we adorned with a White fabric treatment and two floral sprays; one in the left hand corner and one on the right. We added pillar candle groupings down the aisle by every other chair which were then repurposed on the reception tables. The chairs had clusters of Eucalyptus on every other chair secured with White satin ribbon streamers. Cocktail hour tables were adorned with gold terrariums and petite blooms inside. The staircase we added greenery to and Laura provided candle elements to be placed at the base of the staircase.

The tables for the reception were a mixture of long table and round. Laura provided wooden slabs that were used on the round tables while a cluster of candles and individual petite vases with blooms surrounded them. The long tables had a mixture of candles and petite blooms then the head table was dressed in White linen with a gorgeous greenery garland, candles and flowers.

Over top the bar outside the reception, we added greenery to the light fixture and incorporated greenery around photos on the fireplace mantle inside the house.

The day after the wedding Raleigh did get a small bit of snow and a lot of ice which we were happy held out until after Laura and Matt’s wedding. As the saying goes “It takes a village” … we were happy to work with a great team of vendors which I’ve listed here for you to check out!

VENUEMerrimon Wynne
OFFICIANTTorey KissTorey Kiss704-819-3824tmkiss@ncsu.eduN/A
FLORAL DESIGNERThe Skinny VaseJaclyn
PHOTOGRAPHERWalters & WaltersJames
CATERINGDonovan’s DishAshley
DJBunn DJFrank
HAIR AND MAKEUPOnLoKtion Makeup ArtistryPamela Hung(919)
VIDEOGRAPHYVal CinemaBenjamin
RENTALSParty ReflectionsEmily Pratt919.396.3584
HANGING INSTALLATION:Petal & OakTrista Glass252 905
CAKE:Pam’s Cake PopsPam Keatts(919)

Laura, Matt and their families were such a pleasure to work with; we can’t wait to design more events this year!

Hidden Meanings Behind A Designer’s Bridal Bouquet

Good Morning, flower friends ! If you are here, even if you are not a floral designer, you most likely share a love for flowers like the rest of us. Welcome! I studied Floristry in 2007-2010 at The Community College of Baltimore County – Dundalk and was taught by many highly skilled floral artists. While in school studying a Wedding Course, learning about bouquet styles and trends, I quickly told myself that one day I would carry a super long cascade bouquet! My former teacher, the late David Shover, AIFD laughed when I told him I wanted it to cascade on the ground in hopes he would be around to see it one day. He replied, ” I can’t wait! ” Today, I still find myself hearing his contagious laugh in my head or words of encouragement when designing.

After we got engaged on June. 29, 2019, we quickly started planning our dream wedding. The first order of business was getting the Cathedral booked. As far as flowers go, I contacted my very good friend and mentor in Florida, Mr. Bob Tucker, AIFD to fly to North Carolina and help design which he graciously accepted. When it came down to budget, we created an Excel Spreadsheet and by “we”, I mean my husband since he is a genius when it comes to spreadsheets. I just helped plug the numbers in 😉 Many of my designer friends offered their talent to travel to North Carolina and help design which we were so grateful for. As the days went on, and Coronavirus swept the nation, many could not travel for our wedding so that meant no Bob Tucker 😦 Insert sad face 1,000 x.

Over the course of 6 months leading up to the wedding, many asked what my bouquet would look like. My reply was ” It’ll cascade on the ground” and that it did. First, I thought of creating a modern, intricate, detailed 4 foot bouquet. Then, thought about the meaning of flowers in the Catholic Church and its beauty they offer when adorned within the 4 walls of the sacred space. A few weeks prior to the wedding, I decided to create a 7.5 foot bridal bouquet using a midilino technique learned from Hitomi Gilliam.

  • The number 7 appears in the Bible numerous times and is considered to be a holy number.
  • The number 5 appears A LOT; over 300 x. Five also symbolizes the number of offerings God states us to offer to him. Trespass, Sin, Peace, Meat and Burnt.
  • 7+5= 12. The number 12 for the number of Apostles who followed Jesus.
Designed by Jaclyn Gough, CFD

The blooms woven, wired and adhered to the bouquet foundation were chosen with passion and designed with a purpose. This also had personal meanings along with sentimental reason behind each flower and it’s placement. Some of the flowers included in the bouquet were Marigolds, Carnations, Amaranthus, Ranunculus, Olive Branch, Plumosa Fern, Roses, Orchids and Hypericum Berries.

  • Thistle: For when the Angel Gabriel appeared to Mary. This interesting flower is associated with pain, pride and protection. Need we say more?
  • Olive Branch: Peace. A dove flew to Noah with an Olive Branch letting him know the Great Flood was over.
  • Marigold: A flower typically dried and used for medicinal purposes is said to be named after Mary. It was called ‘Mary’s Gold’ as it was placed around her at ceremonies such as All Saint’s Day or All Soul’s Day.
  • Ranunculus: In the Victorian Era, this flower meant that a lady is charming and attractive. This flower was subbed in place of Red Anemone for it’s depiction of the Crucifixion. The red petals are to symbolize the blood of Christ.

  • Rose Thorns: Granted I did use Free Spirit Roses which are Orange, I did keep a few of the thorns on the roses which were woven through a handcrafted armature and held in my hand on August. 8, 2020.
  • Plumosa Fern: Delicacy and beauty when sheltering and shadowing other flowers. Humility, humility, humility. A word Father West said in his homily and what my former trainer used to say many times to me for a remembrance to be humble.
  • Orchids: Because, I could not get my hands on Lady Slipper Orchids, I settled for a couple other favorites; Dendrobium and Yellow Oncidium Orchids. Luxurious and Splendid two words that come to mind when I think of my Grandparents who have died. And, I’m not talking about in the sense of material items either. Oh, and Yellow is my mother’s favorite color.

The surrounding areas included flowers such as White Lilies as a sign for Mary, Carnations, Sword Fern, Agapanthus, Myrtle, Magnolia, Celosia, Zinnia’s, Dahlia’s, Spray Roses, Craspedia, Stock, Waxflower, Scabiosa, Miniature Calla Lilies, Green Trick Dianthus, Italian Ruscus, Ti Leaves, Philodenron Leaves, Limelight Hydrangea and Miniature Monstera Leaves. Flowers symbolize emotion and for every religious background they have different meanings. I chose flowers that make me happy, premium flowers as a luxury, and blooms that signified unity, love and passion.

Once the professional photos come pouring in, they will be shared for a better look at our wedding. Thank You to those who shared and continue to share in our joy.

Jaclyn Gough, CFD

  • Note: I am in the process of changing my name until then my maiden name goes on everything.

Why They Did Not Kiss Inside The Cathedral

They did not want to and that is okay !

Saying “Everything happens for a reason.” is so cliche. Let’s begin with, there is a reason for everything, whether it makes sense to another or not. On August. 8, 2020 Jaclyn Gough and Anthony Pline tied the knot in Raleigh, North Carolina at the breathtaking house of worship- Holy Name of Jesus Cathedral.

The guest list started at 150 then dwindled down to an intimate gathering of 40. Both being Catholic, they thought nothing less than to have a Nuptial Mass with Jaclyn’s cousin marrying them. However, once COVID swept the entire nation, their plans changed monthly, weekly and daily. Sadly enough Jaclyn’s cousin was unable to travel to North Carolina so fortunately they had a Priest to co-celebrate prior to all the madness. Father West delivered a beautiful Mass and comical homily at the end that had the couple laughing with lots of head nodding.

We shall talk much more about the planning, guest list, decor, attire and fine details later so let’s get right to the point of why there was no “traditional kiss” after the “I Do”.

In the earlier days of being engaged, once the couple chose to have Deacon Justin marry them, they said they would not kiss in front of Deacon Justin. In addition, it simply made sense not to because they never kiss inside the Cathedral in the first place when attending daily Mass. The couple made the decision to kiss outside the Cathedral doors as Anthony dipped Jaclyn and let’s be honest that is not the most reverent thing to do in a place of worship. Anthony is now the “dip master” according to photographers of Something Blue Photography after their engagement shoot last September.

Something Blue Photography

After many questions rose during the rehearsal why they were not going to kiss, Jaclyn thought about a way that would be appropriate to her on the wedding day. Once the couple said “I Do” and Father West announced them as ” Mr. & Mrs. Anthony Pline” they hugged and Jaclyn whispered to Anthony “Let’s kiss hands”.

After the hug, Jaclyn took Anthony’s hand to kiss with closed lips followed by Anthony taking Jaclyn’s and following suit. You can watch the Mass by following the link attached. The link is good until August. 23, 2020.

There is no right or wrong way, no right or wrong decision when it comes it kissing in the Cathedral and they believe all couples should do what feels right to them. For the couple not kissing on the lips, but on the hands inside the Cathedral was a sign of admiration, authority and respect.

As professional photos come pouring in, they will be shared in due time.

Being Adaptable: A Couple’s Game Plan for Their COVID-19 Wedding

As the novel Coronavirus continues to unfold, wedding industry professionals are facing uncertain times while couples are doing their best to remain afloat through the unpromising, forced changes. Couples who have the mindset that “The Show Still Goes On” are thinking outside their original dream plan and having celebrations on their porch, in the backyard, along the waterfront and even an intimate apartment ceremony while family and friends watch from the worlds leading video conferencing platform,  Zoom.

Planning a wedding requires one to have patience and an open mind otherwise you may find yourself having uncontrollable spurts of lashing out, taking advice from the wrong people and constantly itching with panic. I’m a soon to be bride and I am guilty of lashing out at times due to the uncertainty of plans moving forward and the ever changing guidelines from the CDC and our Governor.


To wear a mask outside or not to wear a mask outside. To stand 6 feet apart or 10 feet apart. Social distancing or is it really called physical distancing. To quarantine or to isolate yourself; what do they mean ?? To strip down and wash clothes on high heat or walk through your house with the same clothes on you’ve been wearing all day. Anti-bacterial should have 60 % alcohol, no wait 70% and even 90% is better! If sold out of the good kind, settle for the 60% its still effective if you lather up! Oh, wait… anti-bacterial does not work anymore so you should wash your hands with HOT, soapy water. And, the list goes on and on and on. Folks on social media have become sudden experts while YouTubers are becoming famous for their 2-3 minute hand washing videos explaining how to kill germs.


Couples are faced with tough decisions whether to cancel or postpone their event due to a number a factors while industry professionals are becoming advocates for the ” Postpone. Don’t Cancel #SAVEEVENTS ” movement. As a soon to be bride and floral professional, I see this from both sides. I’ve had clients cancel even 2 weeks before their wedding and no, I did not make them pay their balance because services were not complete. Many have had brides turn into bridezillas over this pandemic and mothers itching for answers like many of us are. Unfortunately, there is no good answer because everyone is in the dark. No one knows for certain that a second wave will not sweep the nation in the fall or the flu will spread rapid and government officials will force citizens to go on lock down mode again placing a pause on gatherings.

As we know it, this outbreak could forever change the wedding culture. On the contrary, the fact is that this outbreak has helped put things into perspective. This shift in society is going to be one for the books so I hope many are keeping a journal or photo blog of events occurring and how those are adapting. While it is easy to say or think ” Just cancel and get married because at the end of the day it is about YOU TWO” it is not that easy. Things have been put into motion, deposits have been made along with re-occurring payments that according to contract are not refundable. At times, cancelling one plan and starting over is more stressful depending on the extent of Plan B. Oh and did I mention hundreds of clients have LOST XXXXX $$$ ?!


With 10 weeks left, couples like me and my fiance still do not have answers and therefore are unable to just cancel and book something new. We need to find a Priest because though my cousin can marry us, his ordination wash pushed to the end of August and not June as originally planned due to the Virus. Despite what you’d think it’s not been a walk in the park to up and find a Catholic Priest to co celebrate either. Gathering sizes will not be determined here until Phase 2 ends on June. 26th and that is if they do not extend it. Going from a wedding of 125 + guests that received Save the Dates to Immediate Family only receiving an Invitation is difficult because we want everyone to share in our joy. And though many could gather for the ceremony, the number is unknown for a reception gathering. Life still goes on and there is much to be done in the months ahead moving passed a wedding. For me, I’ve got goals of evaluating for AIFD again, attending a National Symposium which helps me keep my CFD otherwise if not, I get suspended from the industry! Yes, it’s true so I’m doing everything in my power to prevent that, keep up with trends, continue studying and move forward with online education until we can gather. Also, representing the State of North Carolina in the Arkansas Design Competition. In addition, my fiance has summer conferences he’d like to attend and we’d like to start a family. No, there is no real rush, but time is valuable and how you spend your time dictates your future.

Something Blue Photography

We do not want to put anyone at risk or make other uncomfortable wearing gloves, masks and having a hug-less and dance-less wedding. We want to kiss and say I love you to our family and friends along with the numerous handshakes. It’s tough and there is no easy way to figure this out, but please know that Every. Single. Day we discuss a back up plan. Right now the wedding industry may be taking a cutting, but I do believe we will be the first to THRIVE again once all can safely gather. The determining factor is out of our control, so what we can do is take control of our health by protecting those around us.

Perhaps our Plan B will not mirror Plan A; therefore, we are going to do our best to communicate with one another, industry professionals and our family to figure out the best decision possible. Lastly, if we post pone everything to next year, we risk loosing out on our fabulous vendors and they are true GEMS in our lives.




Mom Called and Wants Flowers!

First and foremost, if you are struggling with the unknown, fear and or worry about the current situation we are facing, know you are not alone. There is a light at the end of the tunnel and one way we can brighten our moods is by sending flowers. This week marks the start of Mother’s Day Week, which is one the of LARGEST holiday’s in the floral industry. Florist across the world, in many different states are working very hard and diligently to keep safety procedures in place and take each individual order with care.

Many are unable to see their mothers or mother figures in their lives this year and because we are all given TIME especially now, pick up the phone and place a flower order with your local florist. It can be anywhere from $35.00 to $55 or $75 and up! I’ve shared a few photos below of designs from the last few days of work during the pandemic as a way of spreading the love and sharing inspiration with you.

Know, we are here for you and all your flower needs. No matter what state you are in, call your local, small shop florist today and place an order. Until next time, my friends thanks for reading and be on the look out for another inspirational post this Thursday!


Your Safety Procedures Suck and Could Improve.

On March. 25, 2020 my fiance called to inform me he was heading home to quarantine from work for a few days until a few issues got resolved in the work place. The end result is everything was fine and nobody was infected with this novel virus thank God. However, on that Wednesday in March I quickly became overwhelmed by fear and anxiety knowing I couldn’t be around my fiance for a few days. Now, for those readers who would like to be in the know, we do not live together. I live in an apartment, he lives in a house and therefore, we will not live together until once we are married in 106 days. This was our agreement once we met one another. Whew! Now that we got that out into the open, let’s resume my starting point.

He was sent home and though it was NOT mentioned I could not see him in person, we chose to social distance so in case he was infected, then I would not infect others. See how simple that is? Well that is easier said than done for some and for the rest of the population, well I cannot speak for their ignorant behavior. Did it suck ? YES, for a lonnnngggg few days it sucked until the results came in NEGATIVE. So, aside from speaking on the phone and video chat through the computer, I communicated with my fiance this way; through his glass front door crying my eyes out and “touching” his hand on the glass. Thank You Cydney English, owner of The English Garden for the Virus Killer Spray, Paper Towels and Disinfectant. We are creeping up on a month since this incident and now we see one another in person and still social distance to the best of our ability from others in public.


If you are not sure what social distancing means please refer to this great article from Johns Hopkins Medicine. I often ask myself, ” What is the real definition or how can I understand this better? ”

I get it, there is a ton of information being published daily; some we believe one day and the next something new is coming out for us to believe and put into practice. However, according to the CDC the definition of social distancing remains the same and that is: also called “physical distancing” means keeping space between yourself and other people outside of your home. Under that umbrella, to practice physical distancing it is stated to stay at least 6 feet from other people. In some places, others are taking it further and distancing 10 feet apart, while others are isolating as much as possible at work. I do understand this is not the ideal situation for everyone as many pass others especially when you go grocery shopping. It is the point of staying in one spot for an extended period of time. Period.

I’ve been chatting with FL floral designer friend, Jenna Sleeman, AIFD whose been sharing LOTS of great information on how to cope, distance and safely prepare yourself in the workplace. Jenna’s husband is a surgeon and with a combined knowledge seeing first hand what is going on with COVID19 and her knowledge as a business owner and florist, they are really a dynamic duo we could all aspire to follow especially during this time. If you could, go ahead and share this article and or video so others can be in the know!

In addition I’ve provided you with other links that are useful to abide by during this time. And, as always listen to your governor and state officials for the latest information.

It’s interesting because there are many similarities between all these articles in the media today. No matter how short or how long, they have a few things in common and procedures to follow. There is no fancy way to say this:

  • Wash your hands with soap and water.
  • Physical distance 6 – 10 feet away from others.
  • Cover your mouth then WASH your hands with soap and water after coughing or sneezing. (There is no fancy way to address this, right?)

OH, but there is! 


This is also known as "respiratory etiquette" 
  • If you cough or sneeze, do so into your elbow.
  • Discourage workers from using other workers’ phones, computers, desk or other work equipment.

Millions of American’s have submitted unemployment claims only to hear that only a fraction of them are actually being processed leaving many uneasy and in a slow state of poverty. The other day after voicing concern about the lack of physical distancing a Baptist Pastor exclaimed to me, ” Well if you are afraid of the Virus or are paranoid, then don’t drive your car.”  In addition to, “ You should never use the bathrooms at work or leave your house.” This was almost as bad as when I saw a nurse in MD state that those at home ” Should not get unemployment while they are on the front lines not getting any PPE ”


It is ignorant that many push aside the severity of this novel virus because they are not sick, and little do they know they could be infected with mild or no symptoms.

This is called Asymptomatic.

Though the UK and the US are labeled as wealthy nations, there are so many lack of essentials due to the current pandemic, many are left without pay and how they will simply overcome this in the future. Small businesses that were unable to get a Small Business Loan are finding themselves unable to reopen once shut, because the start up cost is far too much.

It is now a misdemeanor for those who knowingly fail to take responsible and reasonable measures to prevent this virus from spreading. We are all struggling in some way, shape or form. Tension is high, stress is through the roof if you talk to some and others simply just do not know what day it is and how to move forward.

In my boat, I’m doing my best to work in a healthy environment, SOMEDAY see an unemployment check for lack of hours, maybe a stimulus check one day and that “extra money” because some of us don’t have it like the rest. If it is a matter of playing by the rules to keep someone from dying, just do it. Please. For me, for you, your children, your grandchildren and everyone as a whole. Many ask, ” How are you doing? ” and to answer that I’m not okay. And, frankly it is OKAY right now to feel that way. I’d love to marry my fiance in 106 days so I’ll do my part to not mess that up.

Will you do your part ?









Pantone Color of the Year Wedding

How about a little inspiration for your morning ?

We are so excited to share with you the feature in The Carolina’s Magazine!

In the link you will see the list of amazing and talented vendors who contributed to this shoot.

Drop a comment below and let us know what you think !


#somethingblue #weddinginspiration #northcarolinawedding #trianglewedding

Southern Belle Photography

Comprehensive Knowledge about Flower Halos by Jaclyn Gough, CFD

Good Afternoon, isolated flower lovers! Before we dive in I wanted to thank you for tuning into my 26:19 FaceBook Live this afternoon. If you missed it, I saved it to my timeline as a reference. Please feel free to fast forward to 10:13 for the educational how-to process of how I make a flower halo and in doing so note this is just one of the numerous ways I design a halo. As promised, I’ve provided you with a few links to more educational videos and articles that I’ve created and blogs I’ve been featured on.

Screen Shot 2020-03-28 at 4.41.10 PM

How to Create a Floral Headdress by Jaclyn Gough

Screen Shot 2020-03-28 at 4.42.44 PM

My design program on Flower Halos was sadly cancelled due to the pandemic, so this is one of my ways of giving back to you until we reschedule the meeting in Greensboro, NC.

I hope you enjoy, that you take a little piece of valuable information away and share this with others. If you create a flower crown at home, I’d love to see your design. Until next time, be well, nourish your body with healthy foods and wear flowers in your hair.

6 Simple Steps 

  1. Measure head with chenille stems bringing two ends together around head. Twist in the middle.
  2. Wire any flower components if necessary; Roses.
  3. Wrap stem tape around the base to lock into place before adding fresh material.
  4. Cut materials, create tiny bunches together and secure to the wire base.
  5. Continue step 4 until complete. Small flowers at the beginning, larger flowers and materials toward the middle and smaller at the end. Weight distribution, friends.
  6. Spray with Crowning Glory and place in the cooler until use.





Classic Blue Southern Spring Style

Good Morning! We are so excited to share with you photos from a styled shoot with some incredible vendors at The Matthews House. When planning this shoot we wanted to incorporate the Pantone Color of the Year which is Classic Blue and pair it with Pink because who doesn’t love ‘pops of pink’? After reviewing the photos with the other vendors I quickly realized how beautiful a splash of color really is. Now, have a peak at the full gallery and let us know your thoughts in the comment section.

Southern Belle Photography





• Photographer- Southern Belle Photography @southernbellepix
• Venue- The Matthews House @thematthewshouse
• Coordinator- Lillian Suarez Weddings + Events @lilliansuarezevents
• Model bride- Naomi Ansano
• Model groom- Craig Green Sr.
• Dress- Gavin Christianson Bridal @gavinchristiansonbridal
• Florals- The Skinny Vase @theskinnyvase
• Décor & Design- An Event Lady Production, LLC @aneventladyproduction
• Balloon Decor- Party of 5 Eventz @partyof5eventz
• Make-up artist- Artistry By Angela @artistry_by_angela
• Hairstylist- Jessica Hair MUA @jessicahairmua
• Cake baker- Wicked Sweet Cakes @wickedsweetcakes
• Invitations – The Paper Creation @thepapercreation
• Bridal jewelry- On Holiday Jewels @onholidayjewels
• Videography- 180° Productions, LLC @180productionz

The Agnoy of Planning… Part III

What a whirlwind of a month it’s been! Between the countdown of 5 months until we get married, writing articles, brainstorming, working and running on little to no sleep all while doing my best to be in the moment. I’d say I’m doing just fine one day at a time, thank you. If you did not catch my last two series on The Agony of Planning Our Wedding check it out before reading the rest of this.

These days, just about anything goes when it comes to weddings and that includes the price of products and service. Every vendor always seems to jack the prices up, only they don’t jack up their customer service or the desire to be available for answering some of the most important wedding questions when they arise. For me, as a floral expert in the wedding and event industry this has been especially hard for me and knowing I do not have my Mom-Mom to run to about shuts my whole body down inside. Years ago, I’d rush to call her and somehow she knew all the right things to say. She was the go to person in our family and I knew I could always count on her especially when things needed to get done because she would send messages to her daughters to hop to it!


As a bride to be, though me and my proactive fiancé are doing the majority of the planning, I often think of what my grandmother has told me in the past about wedding planning. By her words of wisdom, laughter on certain topics of wedding planning and getting things accomplished, it eases my mind to play the words over and over again in my head. Getting bridesmaid dresses has been a nightmare, except for my best friend who already has hers and my Maid of Honor who I’m not terribly concerned about as she is having a child in another couple weeks! I can hear it now; my grandmother would ask ” Did you expect anything more from her??” referencing to my second bridesmaid or she would say, “Now, you know how she is.” And, boy is she right. Eventually everything will come together and in 5 months it will be grand and extravagant.

Often times I get upset my sister was able to have her at her wedding; then, I think that I’ve got many guardian angels who have the best seat in the house to watch me walk down that aisle to meet my future husband while I hold a beautiful, lush cascade bridal bouquet. Going back to the thought of “anything goes” I read this sweet article on a bride having her grandmothers as the flower girls. I’m sure if you read it, you will think it is sweet just as I did.

When Ashley got married, I gave a sweet toast by including my Mom-Mom in there. Grandparents love bragging about their grandchildren and I know mine surely did. She requested I give her printed photos of my design work so she could show all her friends! After she died, I got them back and still read all the letters we wrote to one another. She requested I talk to her once a week when I moved to Florida and I’m certain she was happy I did it just about everyday! How could I only talk to her once a week??

Although I will not be giving any toasts the day of the wedding and giving shout outs to her, I will be wearing something special of hers on the day of our wedding. She was pretty hip on the new trends and knew the true definition of style and class so I know in 5 months, I’ll make her very happy.

Before, I go and you get back to your daily programing here are a few ways to honor a loved one at your wedding. By reading this leading up to the wedding makes wedding planning a bit better if you ask me knowing you’ll have a piece of them with you on your special day.

  1. Include a family heirloom; rosary, wedding ring or part of their veil just to name a few.
  2. Add photos of your loved one into your bouquet. (don’t forget to laminate it or place in a small frame with a hook)
  3. Set up a memorial table at the reception with photos and flowers.
  4. Put the “something borrowed” to good use. Tie lace around your bouquet or to your spouses wearable flower.
  5. Honor their memory during your ceremony perhaps during prayer intentions.
  6. Favorite flowers! Life is better when you smell the flowers anyway. Incorporate a loved ones favorite for your big day.
  7. Words of wisdom during a toast. Whomever is giving a toast could say a few words from a loved one who is no longer with you.

That is all for now. Thank You for taking the time to read and know that the flowers will be extravagant just as she requested.