The Skinny: How To Create a Mixed Floral Halo

While I’m well aware there are hundreds of “how to” floral crown tutorials on the web, I’d like to show you how I personally create these sweet floral accessories.

Step 1: Gather floral products you will use to create the halo and tools needed such as wire cutters, floral clippers, diamond wire (decorative wire) and alumniumn wire (any wire will do though).


Step 2: Create a circle to fit your head comfortably out of Diamond wire.



Step 3: Begin with your filler flowers: Solidago, Monte Casino & Statice: Cut 1″- 1 1/2″ off the ends and create little fingertip bundles. Followed by cutting 2″ + Alumniumn wire and wrapping around the end of bundles to secure leaving enough wire on the end to begin securing to Halo base.


IMG_6666IMG_6800Step 4: Continue repeating Step 3 until the base is covered all around with the filler flowers.


Step 5: Cut focal flowers that will complete the halo such as daisies and mums and group one of each mum (green & purple) in sets of two. Pierce wire horizontally through the stems and wire in between the filler flowers on the halo. Repeat all the way around then fill in with yellow & white daisies using the same wire technique.





Final floral halo is pictured above. Enjoy every minute of creating floral halos and wearing them.

Designed by: Jaclyn Gough

The Skinny Vase, LLC