The Last Bouquet Standing of 2013

Here’s to the end of 2013 !! 

What a crazy but amazing year it was. Let’s recap !

I stopped working for an event company and was hired as a busser at an Italian fine dining restaurant.

Three short months later in March I was promoted to Food and Beverage Administrative Assistant.

A couple months later, I took a stab at freelancing for an event company in Miami to try and get my feet back in the water. My experience was “so/so” and I’d rather not ramble about it.

I stepped up to the plate and created a how – to headdress piece for Flirty Fleurs which I am forever grateful for keeping in touch with such wonderful editors.

In June I spent a weekend at Nick’s mom and step dad’s house to de-stress from all the drama after leaving the event company I was working for.

A week later I competed in the Iron Designer Competition to expose myself, show my face to the floral world and get in touch with my floral side again. AND I shared the stage with J Schwanke of uBloom, along with other incredible designers.


I started creating more headdresses and met some fabulous artists in the industry; Jody Du Priest and Donna Paul to name a couple.


I was honored to find out I was one of the featured “Designers behind the Flowers” on Flirty Fleurs blog.

This year I wanted to free my brain from as much flower talk and gossip as possible due to the mental disaster from my previous job. Slowly but surely I stepped back into the world of flowers because after all, it is my passion and every little bit of practice, article I read, forum I comment on or blog I follow drives me to be a better designer.

Next year I plan on taking some time to focus on my floral education by carefully choosing designers that I can learn from who I feel will help me take my career a step further. In addition, expose my work and love for creating one – of – a kind headdresses to the world in hopes of inspiring others and drawing attention.


** And a little something non-floral related, I took 1st place in my first NPC figure competition and qualified for Nationals. Later, I did a write up for Vegan Health & Fitness magazine which I was honored to do and be a part of an incredible community of athletes. (more details to follow next YEAR !) **

For now, here is the last bouquet standing. 

I created this little bouquet for Nick’s mom who will be staying with us for New Years. Something nice and neat with a little flare.

Made 12/29/13
Made 12/29/13