Will Cascade Bouquets Make a Bigger Comeback in 2015?

There is nothing that makes me happier than a gorgeous cascade wedding bouquet. Ever since I studied weddings in floristry school I fell in love instantly and told my teacher when I get married I wanted him to design me a cascade bouquet that trailed behind me as I walked down the aisle. After my first cascade bouquet design in school, I fell in love with designing them.

But, just because I love them doesn’t mean everyone else does and does not mean it is going to be trending in the years to come. In 1996 my Aunt carried a gorgeous cascade bouquet down the aisle for her wedding.


In 2013, I came across a blog titled ” Bringing Back the Cascade Bouquet” followed by Holly Chappel’s blog that featured some of the Chappel Designer’s bouquet trends. Some pictured loose and organic cascades but even still I did not see tons of brides carrying cascades down the aisle for myself.

Last year, 2014 The Knot mentioned The Cascade Bouquet would be a trend and part of them was correct. Brides were looking for loose and organic hand tied bouquets. Ivy and Hanging Amaranthus were perfect flowers to help achieve the flowy cascade feel and look.

This year, 2015 I really hope to actually see more brides holding cascading bouquets. They are a real jaw dropper and will turn any head. For the tall bride a lengthy bouquet can be pulled off very well.


If your client is shorter, try something a little sweeter in floral taste with a smaller cascade drop.


1533715_979420418787232_2334246202350255662_n There is a perfect cascade for every bride.

Let’s turn the Earthy Elegance bouquets featuring Succulents, natural tones and seasonal flowers into a beautiful cascade. Soften your cascades with a romantic pastel pallet that we can only hope to see in 2015 for a unique look to any bouquet.

Creating a cascade bouquet does not mean we have to tense up and fear using the popular flowers such as Peonies, Garden Roses, Dahlias, Ranuculus and Hydrangea. Use them a create a lush unforgettable cascade bouquet for your bride.


Most Popular Wedding Song of 2015

In 2014 many of us watched couples dance their first dance to songs such as Lucky by Jason Mraz & Colbie Calliat

A Thousand Years by Christina Perri

And the popular, All of Me by John Legend

We will still see couples dancing to the songs mentioned above and many more but can add one more popular song to the list for “Most Popular Wedding Song of 2015”. As we rung in the New Year, and many said their “I Do’s” we watched couples dance to the ever so popular song that was released in 2014 by Ed Sheeran, Thinking Out Loud.

My sister, Ashley & her husband, Brent Jacobs danced to this song as their last dance singing to each other.

After the wedding, I’ve heard this song on the radio more than 200x.

In March, Yogi, Laura Buchbinder Hedges and her husband, Bruce Hedges did a surprise dance for their first dance and used this song with a Bailando Mix. I personally do not think this song will be dying anytime soon.

Remember you do not have to have a first dance. On your wedding day there are no rules so for some if you are uncomfortable dancing in front of an “audience” which are just your friends and family, consider a dance where everyone joins the bride and groom on the dance floor. This way it will not seem like the spot light is on you – you already had that walking down the aisle and completing your first kiss as a married couple after exchanging vows.

Have fun, relax & do what makes you happy.

These Are A Few of My Favorite Things(Wedding Edition)

“Rain Drops on Roses and Whiskers on Kittens” – Oscar Hammerstein, Richard Rodgers

Mabel & Bella Friend, Lindsay’s cats


This year as we celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the Sound of Music, I’d like to take this time to share with you a few of MY Favorite things. Aside from my friend Lindsay’s cats, my dog, Zen and other animals I’m sharing my top favorites pertaining to the big day.


Who would have thought being a floral designer? I absolutely love designing with flowers. Nothing like natural therapy and the ability to make others dreams come true through the art of floral design.

Via Pinterest
Via Pinterest

2. LIGHTING (includes CANDLES)

I believe the flame’s soft illumination lights up the soul. Lighting candles has a calming effect on the body and can make any room turn from “drab to fab”. Low on budget ? Add candles.

Uplighting is great to highlight wall sconces, flowers, cake and gift table just to name a few.


This should of been first, but I chose to save it for last because nothing is possible unless you do a little bit of Brainstorming. In my opinion there is no such thing as “winging it” for a wedding. Between client meetings, walk throughs, meetings with wedding planners etc, a little planning and preparation goes a long way. Although this is no easy task, it is fun and a very calming process for me. Sketching, looking at gowns, Pinterest pages, linens, decor of venue – all is a piece of art to create one big masterpiece. Think of each part of a wedding, a puzzle piece. The day of the wedding all the pieces come together so at the end of the day you can pat yourself on the back for all your hard work.

Lindsay's Cat Bella.  Sometimes this is how I look while Brainstorming ;)
Lindsay’s Cat Bella.
Sometimes this is how I look while I brainstorm 😉


To Have & To Hold on St. Valentine’s Day


I asked my sister if she wouldn’t mind me blogging about her wedding and her response was, “Yes you can. As long as it’s good stuff and not downing anything.”

* WARNING: This blog post includes nothing but positive words and praises about Ashley Gough’s Wedding. *

After all, it truly was a gorgeous wedding and the reception was fabulous. I hope it was all that she dreamed of and so much more. 


St. Valentine’s Day is observed on February.14 and is quite a popular day to wed for many couples.

Geoffrey Chaucer wrote, For this was on seynt Volantynys day
Whan euery bryd comyth there to chese his make.”

[“For this was on St. Valentine’s Day, when every bird cometh there to choose his mate.”]

My triplet sister tied the knot to her love on February.14,2015 after a 2 year engagement. The ceremony was held at St. Anthony of Pauda Church in Baltimore, MD and the reception at Columbus Gardens. On our way to the church it snowed very lightly.

Since our father passed away, my mother walked Ashley down the aisle, kissing her off to Brent, Ashley’s fiancé’. Ashley carried a Red Rose with an old photo attached of her and our father when Ashley was a baby.


Ashley had 2 Bridesmaids and 2 Maids of Honor which were, me & Katie. The girls in the bridal party carried a bouquet in an Oasis Holder with White Roses and Hydrangea that were tied off nicely with Sheer White Ribbon and Galax Leaves to cover mechanics.


The soon to be bride chose to have two flower girls, one being Brent’s Niece, Kyla and the other her God-child, Alayna. Just look, if she isn’t the most precious flower girl you’ve ever seen I don’t know who is.


The Ring bearer was our sister, Katie’s baby, Dominic Curtis. Thank goodness Daddy was there to help him down the aisle along side greeter, Alexander, our cousin who is 11.


The beautiful ceremony was given by Fr. Jason Worley which provoked lots of smiles and tears of happiness.

After the happy couple recited their vows and placed their wedding rings on one another, they kissed and became one. My sister, now a Mrs. Jacobs.


The reception was awesome. Family and friends continued to gather round for an afternoon of dancing, drinking, laughing and I think a couple tears were shed until the early evening hour. The bride and grooms first dance was sweet with Brent and Ashley singing to each other followed by the Best Man and Maid of Honor Speeches. After came the dedication dances where Brent danced with his mom and Ashley with our mom.


Since our father passed away, Ashley chose to dance to one song with her God-father, two Uncles and dear neighbor who has been a very important part of Ashley’s life. Afterward, she danced a song with our mother which soon turned into my sister Katie and I joining them on the dance floor. It was so sweet and sentimental and quite the surprise to all of us.


Then came the cake cutting and the big question… “will they be naughty or nice? ”



The evening was topped off with more laughs, dancing and drinking. After the reception it snowed for a good couple hours and I hope Ashley got the wedding she dreamed of. For more photos please check out the main photographer Mr. Keith Wright of Kaptured Wright Photography who did an outstanding job with his team. Keith flew up from SC just for Ashley and Brent’s special day, how sweet.

long time family friend
long time family friend


 Flowers: Floral Expressions by Jennifer

Cheers to Mr. & Mrs. Jacobs! I hope they are enjoying their Honeymoon in Punta Cana !

Top 3 Floral Professionals to Learn From

December 2014 I posted my Top 5 Floral Educators and why I feel education is important in the floral industry. Now, February 2015, I’m coming to you with my Top 3 Floral Professionals to Learn From.

Note: I am not telling you that you need to learn from these professionals so much as I’m telling myself to. Bucket list 2015. 

There are SO many talented, gifted, accredited designers out there who I would love to attend a workshop with, help out at their shop or set up a wedding. But, there are only 3 that stand out among the rest and they are, Holly Heider Chapple , Bill Schaffer  and Francoise Weeks

Holly Heider Chapple

After I graduated college with a Certificate in Floral Design from Dundalk Community College in Baltimore, MD my teacher, Adrienne Shaffer Summers told me if I really wanted to learn from someone it was Holly. She lives in VA and has her own floral company, Holly Heider Chappel Flowers. Holly teaches many workshops in different states and is known for her Chapel Designer Conferences and encourages those who are business owners, freelancers or have a web presence to become part of her group, a Chapel Designer. You can find more about her mission with The Chapel Designers here.

The next conference will be held in March 2015 and more information can be found by clicking this link.

Bill Schaffer

In February 2011 I made a commitment to attend The Philadelphia Flower Show after hearing much about it and wanting to see all the beautiful flowers and arrangements. My mom did not want me driving to Philly by myself and recommended I take my boyfriend who I had only been dating for not even 2 weeks. Taking a guy to a flower show … think about that one. Hand in hand we walked together and I remember seeing this installation (pictured below). I thought “omg that movement, the colors, the detail, wow” It only got better as we walked through and my boyfriend pointed out the pink lamp shades. (pictured below) NEEDLESS TO SAY …  I was floored.

If it’s one person I learn from, it’s Bill. I had the pleasure of meeting him 2 years ago at The International Floral Expo and as nervous as I was, he is a really nice guy who told me to never be afraid to reach out for help.











Francoise Weeks

Woodland, Natural, Textural, Natural Headdresses, Botanical … Francoise Weeks.

At some point this year I hope to take a workshop with Francoise to learn the mechanics behind her gorgeous designs that tell a story. Unfortunately, I do not have a whole lot of blabbing to do about Francoise, except to say this is a MUST for 2015. Learn from Ms. Weeks.

Pssstttt … I almost forgot my dream will come true in June.2015 at the Florida State Florist Convention There will be a hands on workshop with Francoise at the end of the convention so go to the link above for more information. 



Checking It Once, Checking It Twice: Floral List for the Bride To Be

Before I schedule any consultation I like to send a pre consultation form to all clients so I get an idea of how to properly format a foundation for when we meet face to face or via Skype. On my pre consultation form are questions asking how many quantities of each arrangement or personal flower will be needed for the big day. Below I’ve come up with a check floral list that may come in handy to have in mind before meeting with your designer.

Screen Shot 2015-01-19 at 3.44.37 PM

  • Bride’s Bouquet
  • Flowers for Bride’s Hair
  • Throw Bouquet (for reception)
  • Bridesmaid/Maid/Matron of Honor Bouquets
  • Flower Girl (basket for flowers/petals) (flowers for hair/crown, clip) (wand)
  • Groom’s Boutonniere
  • Groomsmen/Best Man Boutonniere
  • Ring Bearer Boutonniere (pillow for rings)
  • Mother of the Bride Corsage-Wrist/Pin On/Nosegay
  • Mother of the Groom Corsage-Wrist/Pin On/Nosegay
  • Father of the Bride Boutonniere
  • Father of the Groom Boutonniere
  • Grandmothers Corsages
  • Grandfathers Boutonnieres
  • Usher
  • Officiant

Screen Shot 2015-01-19 at 3.57.52 PM

  • Arch/Chuppah
  • Entry Arrangements
  • Altar Arrangements (Church)
  • Pew/Chair Flowers
  • Candles
  • Runner/Toss Petals/Petal Art down Aisle
  • Memorial Flowers(for those who have passed away)
  • Unity Candle Arrangement

Screen Shot 2015-01-19 at 4.02.29 PM

  • Cocktail Hour
  • Cake Flowers
  • Sweet Heart Table
  • Bridal Party Table
  • Place Card Table
  • Gift Table
  • Dessert Table/Candy Bar etc.
  • Centerpieces
  • Bride/Groom Chair Flowers
  • Powder Room Arrangement
  • Bridal Party Suite/Lounge


Email theskinnyvase@gmail.com for your free wedding consultation

Top 3 South Florida Charming Wedding Venues

The Cooper Estate

via Pinterest
via Pinterest
via www.thecooperestate.com
via http://www.thecooperestate.com

With indoor and outdoor seating capabilities, 3 acres of lush landscaping and a place to host any event like a wedding, The Cooper Estate makes the top spot on our list of charming wedding venues in South Florida. For more information please go to


phone by appointment only at 305-904-9032 

14201 SW 248th St
Redland, Florida
Screen Shot 2015-01-15 at 9.03.00 AM


Located in Davie, FL this venue makes a great impression with it’s large balcony overlooking the yard which is a gorgeous place to hold a ceremony. The picture perfect place inside this venue would be the grand staircase that can be seen by visiting


For more information please visit the site above or you can call Reta Grant at 954-579-7814

email rfgrantfl@me.com

4125 SW 76 Ave

Davie, FL 33328

Screen Shot 2015-01-15 at 9.03.00 AM

Sundy House


One of my favorite charming venues in South Florida is definitely the Sunday House nestled in Delray, FL and walking distance from shops, restaurants and art galleries. This venue is not just for weddings but you can also have brunch which is perfect for the newlywed couple the morning after their wedding. The Sundy House is known for it’s hometown charm and one can only go there to see it for themselves. For more information about hosting your big day celebrations call Delray Beach Tel: 561.272.5678 or Toll-free: 877.439.9601

email info@sundyhouse.com

106 S Swinton Ave

Delray Beach, FL 33444


Bold & The Beautiful: Colored Wedding Dresses

Two years ago I wrote a post that featured blue wedding dresses which you can find here, but today I bring to you more colored wedding dresses for those girls who are bold and not afraid of stepping outside the box. 

Most have heard when designing flowers for the bride and her girls that it is quite common to have the bride carrying colored flowers such as red roses and her girls carrying white flowers. What if we take this a step further and have the bride wearing a colored dress and her girls in white? Let’s take a look at my top 3 colored wedding dresses for 2015.

Vera Wang
    Vera Wang 

Vera Wang Collection 

MAGGIE SOTTERO DESIGNS www.maggiesottero.com
Maggie Sottero


Maggie Sottero Collection 

Vera Wang
Vera Wang

Vera Wang Collection Couldn’t be more perfect for 2015 to chase after the color, Marsala.



Top 5 Floral Educators

Let’s face it, we live in an ever changing world where technology is rising, trends are always changing and you must keep up with your education if you do not want to be left behind. In particular within floristry there is always a new technique to learn, the safest way to secure an arrangement, memorizing the principles and elements of floral design, how to work with clients from those looking for a sympathy arrangement to a wedding and so much more.

I’m fortunate enough to have learned from two AIFD designers while studying at The Community College of Baltimore County in Dundalk, MD; Adrienne Schaffer Summers, AIFD & David Shover, AIFD. After college I sought out any designer who was AIFD because I thought and they are some of the best designers ever. Later, I learned that a designer doesn’t just have to be AIFD but that I can learn from anyone. Without the guidance of my teachers in college, I would not be where I am today. So I thank you!

Below are my top 5 floral educators that are my “Go-To” sources whenever I find myself in a bind, need critiques, want to learn a technique or about a specific variety of a flower.

Leanne Kesler, AIFD & David Kesler, AIFD


Looking for one of the best floral schools ?? I hear nothing but good things about The Floral Design Institute and look forward to the day I sit in their classroom. They offer in class and distance learning.



JMH Schwanke


What can I say ? I love J ! I’ve been watching his videos since I lived in Baltimore, MD and even competed in one of his uBloom contests for designing with DecoBeads. J travels all over the world speaking to designers, going to flower farms and educating us with the top floral information anyone could ever want.


David Clark


Any question about plants, David is my go – to person.

I recently did an interview with David about his career and outlook on education. Find out more here!

Jeremy Trentleman, AIFD 

Jeremy pays attention to detail and whenever I think of intricate wire work, I think of him. He has been helping me through my journey as I prepare to take the Florida State Master Designer test in January.

Looking for a mentor ? Jeremy is nothing but amazing and gives honest critiques so one is able to learn and come back better than before.


Janet Frye, AIFD

Owner of The Enchanted Florist, Janet Frye, AIFD, The Mother of Floral Design as I like to call her is one special designer and educator. Anything from a question about how to approach a client, how to position a bouquet to capture the best angle, write a proposal, color palettes, critiques on any arrangement – Janet is always there to answer honestly.