Why They Did Not Kiss Inside The Cathedral

They did not want to and that is okay !

Saying “Everything happens for a reason.” is so cliche. Let’s begin with, there is a reason for everything, whether it makes sense to another or not. On August. 8, 2020 Jaclyn Gough and Anthony Pline tied the knot in Raleigh, North Carolina at the breathtaking house of worship- Holy Name of Jesus Cathedral.

The guest list started at 150 then dwindled down to an intimate gathering of 40. Both being Catholic, they thought nothing less than to have a Nuptial Mass with Jaclyn’s cousin marrying them. However, once COVID swept the entire nation, their plans changed monthly, weekly and daily. Sadly enough Jaclyn’s cousin was unable to travel to North Carolina so fortunately they had a Priest to co-celebrate prior to all the madness. Father West delivered a beautiful Mass and comical homily at the end that had the couple laughing with lots of head nodding.

We shall talk much more about the planning, guest list, decor, attire and fine details later so let’s get right to the point of why there was no “traditional kiss” after the “I Do”.

In the earlier days of being engaged, once the couple chose to have Deacon Justin marry them, they said they would not kiss in front of Deacon Justin. In addition, it simply made sense not to because they never kiss inside the Cathedral in the first place when attending daily Mass. The couple made the decision to kiss outside the Cathedral doors as Anthony dipped Jaclyn and let’s be honest that is not the most reverent thing to do in a place of worship. Anthony is now the “dip master” according to photographers of Something Blue Photography after their engagement shoot last September.

Something Blue Photography

After many questions rose during the rehearsal why they were not going to kiss, Jaclyn thought about a way that would be appropriate to her on the wedding day. Once the couple said “I Do” and Father West announced them as ” Mr. & Mrs. Anthony Pline” they hugged and Jaclyn whispered to Anthony “Let’s kiss hands”.

After the hug, Jaclyn took Anthony’s hand to kiss with closed lips followed by Anthony taking Jaclyn’s and following suit. You can watch the Mass by following the link attached. The link is good until August. 23, 2020.

There is no right or wrong way, no right or wrong decision when it comes it kissing in the Cathedral and they believe all couples should do what feels right to them. For the couple not kissing on the lips, but on the hands inside the Cathedral was a sign of admiration, authority and respect.

As professional photos come pouring in, they will be shared in due time.