Your Safety Procedures Suck and Could Improve.

On March. 25, 2020 my fiance called to inform me he was heading home to quarantine from work for a few days until a few issues got resolved in the work place. The end result is everything was fine and nobody was infected with this novel virus thank God. However, on that Wednesday in March I quickly became overwhelmed by fear and anxiety knowing I couldn’t be around my fiance for a few days. Now, for those readers who would like to be in the know, we do not live together. I live in an apartment, he lives in a house and therefore, we will not live together until once we are married in 106 days. This was our agreement once we met one another. Whew! Now that we got that out into the open, let’s resume my starting point.

He was sent home and though it was NOT mentioned I could not see him in person, we chose to social distance so in case he was infected, then I would not infect others. See how simple that is? Well that is easier said than done for some and for the rest of the population, well I cannot speak for their ignorant behavior. Did it suck ? YES, for a lonnnngggg few days it sucked until the results came in NEGATIVE. So, aside from speaking on the phone and video chat through the computer, I communicated with my fiance this way; through his glass front door crying my eyes out and “touching” his hand on the glass. Thank You Cydney English, owner of The English Garden for the Virus Killer Spray, Paper Towels and Disinfectant. We are creeping up on a month since this incident and now we see one another in person and still social distance to the best of our ability from others in public.


If you are not sure what social distancing means please refer to this great article from Johns Hopkins Medicine. I often ask myself, ” What is the real definition or how can I understand this better? ”

I get it, there is a ton of information being published daily; some we believe one day and the next something new is coming out for us to believe and put into practice. However, according to the CDC the definition of social distancing remains the same and that is: also called “physical distancing” means keeping space between yourself and other people outside of your home. Under that umbrella, to practice physical distancing it is stated to stay at least 6 feet from other people. In some places, others are taking it further and distancing 10 feet apart, while others are isolating as much as possible at work. I do understand this is not the ideal situation for everyone as many pass others especially when you go grocery shopping. It is the point of staying in one spot for an extended period of time. Period.

I’ve been chatting with FL floral designer friend, Jenna Sleeman, AIFD whose been sharing LOTS of great information on how to cope, distance and safely prepare yourself in the workplace. Jenna’s husband is a surgeon and with a combined knowledge seeing first hand what is going on with COVID19 and her knowledge as a business owner and florist, they are really a dynamic duo we could all aspire to follow especially during this time. If you could, go ahead and share this article and or video so others can be in the know!

In addition I’ve provided you with other links that are useful to abide by during this time. And, as always listen to your governor and state officials for the latest information.

It’s interesting because there are many similarities between all these articles in the media today. No matter how short or how long, they have a few things in common and procedures to follow. There is no fancy way to say this:

  • Wash your hands with soap and water.
  • Physical distance 6 – 10 feet away from others.
  • Cover your mouth then WASH your hands with soap and water after coughing or sneezing. (There is no fancy way to address this, right?)

OH, but there is! 


This is also known as "respiratory etiquette" 
  • If you cough or sneeze, do so into your elbow.
  • Discourage workers from using other workers’ phones, computers, desk or other work equipment.

Millions of American’s have submitted unemployment claims only to hear that only a fraction of them are actually being processed leaving many uneasy and in a slow state of poverty. The other day after voicing concern about the lack of physical distancing a Baptist Pastor exclaimed to me, ” Well if you are afraid of the Virus or are paranoid, then don’t drive your car.”  In addition to, “ You should never use the bathrooms at work or leave your house.” This was almost as bad as when I saw a nurse in MD state that those at home ” Should not get unemployment while they are on the front lines not getting any PPE ”


It is ignorant that many push aside the severity of this novel virus because they are not sick, and little do they know they could be infected with mild or no symptoms.

This is called Asymptomatic.

Though the UK and the US are labeled as wealthy nations, there are so many lack of essentials due to the current pandemic, many are left without pay and how they will simply overcome this in the future. Small businesses that were unable to get a Small Business Loan are finding themselves unable to reopen once shut, because the start up cost is far too much.

It is now a misdemeanor for those who knowingly fail to take responsible and reasonable measures to prevent this virus from spreading. We are all struggling in some way, shape or form. Tension is high, stress is through the roof if you talk to some and others simply just do not know what day it is and how to move forward.

In my boat, I’m doing my best to work in a healthy environment, SOMEDAY see an unemployment check for lack of hours, maybe a stimulus check one day and that “extra money” because some of us don’t have it like the rest. If it is a matter of playing by the rules to keep someone from dying, just do it. Please. For me, for you, your children, your grandchildren and everyone as a whole. Many ask, ” How are you doing? ” and to answer that I’m not okay. And, frankly it is OKAY right now to feel that way. I’d love to marry my fiance in 106 days so I’ll do my part to not mess that up.

Will you do your part ?










Pantone Color of the Year Wedding

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