The Agnoy of Planning… Part III

What a whirlwind of a month it’s been! Between the countdown of 5 months until we get married, writing articles, brainstorming, working and running on little to no sleep all while doing my best to be in the moment. I’d say I’m doing just fine one day at a time, thank you. If you did not catch my last two series on The Agony of Planning Our Wedding check it out before reading the rest of this.

These days, just about anything goes when it comes to weddings and that includes the price of products and service. Every vendor always seems to jack the prices up, only they don’t jack up their customer service or the desire to be available for answering some of the most important wedding questions when they arise. For me, as a floral expert in the wedding and event industry this has been especially hard for me and knowing I do not have my Mom-Mom to run to about shuts my whole body down inside. Years ago, I’d rush to call her and somehow she knew all the right things to say. She was the go to person in our family and I knew I could always count on her especially when things needed to get done because she would send messages to her daughters to hop to it!


As a bride to be, though me and my proactive fiancé are doing the majority of the planning, I often think of what my grandmother has told me in the past about wedding planning. By her words of wisdom, laughter on certain topics of wedding planning and getting things accomplished, it eases my mind to play the words over and over again in my head. Getting bridesmaid dresses has been a nightmare, except for my best friend who already has hers and my Maid of Honor who I’m not terribly concerned about as she is having a child in another couple weeks! I can hear it now; my grandmother would ask ” Did you expect anything more from her??” referencing to my second bridesmaid or she would say, “Now, you know how she is.” And, boy is she right. Eventually everything will come together and in 5 months it will be grand and extravagant.

Often times I get upset my sister was able to have her at her wedding; then, I think that I’ve got many guardian angels who have the best seat in the house to watch me walk down that aisle to meet my future husband while I hold a beautiful, lush cascade bridal bouquet. Going back to the thought of “anything goes” I read this sweet article on a bride having her grandmothers as the flower girls. I’m sure if you read it, you will think it is sweet just as I did.

When Ashley got married, I gave a sweet toast by including my Mom-Mom in there. Grandparents love bragging about their grandchildren and I know mine surely did. She requested I give her printed photos of my design work so she could show all her friends! After she died, I got them back and still read all the letters we wrote to one another. She requested I talk to her once a week when I moved to Florida and I’m certain she was happy I did it just about everyday! How could I only talk to her once a week??

Although I will not be giving any toasts the day of the wedding and giving shout outs to her, I will be wearing something special of hers on the day of our wedding. She was pretty hip on the new trends and knew the true definition of style and class so I know in 5 months, I’ll make her very happy.

Before, I go and you get back to your daily programing here are a few ways to honor a loved one at your wedding. By reading this leading up to the wedding makes wedding planning a bit better if you ask me knowing you’ll have a piece of them with you on your special day.

  1. Include a family heirloom; rosary, wedding ring or part of their veil just to name a few.
  2. Add photos of your loved one into your bouquet. (don’t forget to laminate it or place in a small frame with a hook)
  3. Set up a memorial table at the reception with photos and flowers.
  4. Put the “something borrowed” to good use. Tie lace around your bouquet or to your spouses wearable flower.
  5. Honor their memory during your ceremony perhaps during prayer intentions.
  6. Favorite flowers! Life is better when you smell the flowers anyway. Incorporate a loved ones favorite for your big day.
  7. Words of wisdom during a toast. Whomever is giving a toast could say a few words from a loved one who is no longer with you.

That is all for now. Thank You for taking the time to read and know that the flowers will be extravagant just as she requested.


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