The Agony of Planning Our Wedding

… without my Mom-Mom ( my mother’s mom). 

My triplet sister, Ashley; older than me by 2 minutes got married on February. 14, 2015. Our Mom-Mom was so happy for Ashley and Brent and the next chapter in their life they would begin to create together as a couple. I watched her walked down the aisle in St. Anthony of Padua Church then enter into the ballroom of the reception at Columbus Gardens with her son-in-law. She was all smiles and it made me so happy to see her celebrating with close family and friends. Side note: My sisters wedding was pretty amazing and it snowed that night as well!

Mom-Mom & Uncle Scott Jacob’s Wedding

Fast forward to April 2019, I called my Aunt in Maryland to tell her I was bringing someone with me for Easter Weekend to which she replied yes even though no-one knew I was dating anyone. No-one knew I had been talking to my fiancé, Tony since December when we met at a dinner party for the Raleigh Young Adult Group. Okay, Okay, so we didn’t really talk that much; actually not at all. However, after seeing one another at the second dinner party followed by Daily Mass, we started talking in March. You can read more about how we met on Spoken Bride.

Rumor has it that life goes faster as you get older and if anyone knows me pretty well, you’d know that I’m very picky about whom I date and that I like to live in the fast lane. As soon as me and Tony met, after our first date, he had a very good knowing that he wanted marry me, hence talking about it shortly after our first date. I often thought to myself I wish my Mom-Mom were still living so I could call her and tell her all the grand news! For awhile it was difficult to pick up the phone then stop myself from dialing her phone number!

Mom-Mom’s Wedding Dress!

She died on December.16,2016. This is a day I will never forget and though I miss her dearly, I’m glad we talked as often as we did and much of it was about weddings! We had many conversations about fashion, what the family was doing, where the kids were going next, what soccer game they had and more. We shared our opinions on why brides should not wear cowboy boots under their wedding dress, but then agreed that it was not our wedding and who are we to say what others do 😉

MY Wedding Dress. Time for alterations soon!

Because she was a very private person this post is not about her personally and her illness before she died, but rather hardships of not having someone very close to me present for all things wedding planning now that it is my turn. I do know there are many brides and grooms out there planning without a loved one and know that you are not alone; I get it, it’s hard, sometimes it sucks and is downright the last thing you want to do. My Mom-Mom heard heard about many flower shop sagas since I started as a young designer, the flower competitions and the numerous clients I had while living in South Florida. No amount of planning can ever fill the void or replace the loss of a loved one.

When I said “YES, to the dress!”, I messaged my Aunt and asked her if Mom-Mom would love dress # 1 or #2 . She said that she would love the one we loved which is the one in the bag from Coastal Knot. I went solo from Day 1 traveling to different bridal boutiques and stores to find “The Dress”. It was stressful because some of the places were not clean, I had bad experiences and some of the staff was not so kind. A single woman coming in by herself surely needs a helping hand in the dressing room, wouldn’t you think?

It wasn’t until I went to Coastal Knot that I felt 100 % comfortable and knew that I’d get my dress there; the staff is fabulous! Some say if a loved one cannot be present to ask a close friend, even go with your DAD or go alone. Due to planning around others schedules, me living in another state than my family and close friends, I chose to go alone. There are a few girls here in North Carolina who I would ask, however planning around work schedules and when is convenient for them was starting to stress me out just thinking about it. Tony’s mom was so wonderful because I sent her photos from Dress # 1 all the way until I actually said “YES!”

Now that we are 6 months away, it’s time to hire a floral designer … anyone know of a good one ? 😉 ” Will want 2 b extravagant!” – Mom- Mom.

Text Message from Mom-Mom

… to be continued … 

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