Trash The Dress: Love It or Leave It ?

One controversial wedding trend is “trashing the dress”. This takes place after the wedding and seems to be a very liberating experience that is caught on camera for continued memories down the road of the bride.

So why trash something so beautiful that could be donated or reworked into something else ? High school friend, Gracie Barrow trashed her dress to do something fun after her wedding. Plus, I think this fit Gracie’s fun and carefree personality. Her husband, Brian was in charge of squirting colorful paint onto the dress and clearly had a lot of fun doing so seen in the photo below by Lauren Hauser Photography.

Photo By: Lauren Hauser Photography
Photo By: Lauren Hauser Photography

Personally, if a lot of money was invested in the dress I find it to be somewhat “wasteful” to trash the dress. However, I imagine it to be very freeing to capture beautiful photos whether it be jumping in the ocean or squirting colorful paint onto the wedding gown. Trashing the dress is a free movement where you do not have to worry about every little detail like you do on your actual wedding day. I’ve heard some say it is a “commitment” made to your husband by trashing the dress, saying you will never need this dress again.

So what do you think ? Trash the dress: YES or NO ?

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