TOP 5 Reasons Why I Support GAY MARRIAGE

This should not come off as shocking NEWS, but for those who have not heard or caught up on the story of the Washington Florist who refused to do flowers for a long time client who happens to be gay you can read more about it here. In 2013 Barronelle Stutzman turned away her long time client from doing his wedding flowers due to “living out her Christian beliefs”. “Because of her relationship with Jesus” Stutzman could not partake in the wedding floral arranging for her client. Needless to say Ms. Barronelle was sued personally and her business as well for up to $4,000.00

To keep your jaw dropping others have contributed money on a Go Fund Me Page that was created for Stuzman by another florist. Your eyes will get really big once you read the story here


I never understood WHY others judged others because of their choices they make in life when choosing a life partner. Let’s be real, folks what is it to you that a man is in love with another man or a woman in love with another woman ? This post is not intended to bring up political or religious conversations. If you disagree with gay marriage, that is fine. If you agree with gay marriage, Buddy Jesus says you are awesome!


It never crosses my mind seeing or hanging out with gay people to think anything less of them.

Warning: If you are against gay marriage and the happiness of all human beings, you may suffer from heart palpitations from reading the following. Please call your nearest Emergency Hot Line if need be.

I said all that to say this… Here are my Top 5 Reasons Why I Support Gay Marriage.

1. We are all created equal. 

– First it was the blacks. Now society has added gay and lesbian to the picture and lashed out with political/religious input on it how others should live their lives.

2. Love should be celebrated by everyone. 

3. It is harmless. 

– Same sex decisions should not affect anyone else but the two parties becoming one legally. It is harmless and is not bringing society down.

4. They are who they are & Marriage is a human right.

– Gay couples should have the right to get married anywhere because they are who they are and feel the way they feel.

5. I Support Gay Marriage Because There Is No Reason Not To !

In conclusion, if you are looking to get married to your companion and need a little assistance look no further than the blog of “Robert E. Blackmon the “Go To Guy” for planning and living your perfect life.” There you will find tons of information to inspire you and also those looking to tie the knot check out the wonderful list of Wedding Resources. Robert does a good job of not leaving anyone in the dark. The Skinny Vase, LLC is happy to be on his Wedding Resources List and we thank him for allowing us to do so.


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