Will Cascade Bouquets Make a Bigger Comeback in 2015?

There is nothing that makes me happier than a gorgeous cascade wedding bouquet. Ever since I studied weddings in floristry school I fell in love instantly and told my teacher when I get married I wanted him to design me a cascade bouquet that trailed behind me as I walked down the aisle. After my first cascade bouquet design in school, I fell in love with designing them.

But, just because I love them doesn’t mean everyone else does and does not mean it is going to be trending in the years to come. In 1996 my Aunt carried a gorgeous cascade bouquet down the aisle for her wedding.


In 2013, I came across a blog titled ” Bringing Back the Cascade Bouquet” followed by Holly Chappel’s blog that featured some of the Chappel Designer’s bouquet trends. Some pictured loose and organic cascades but even still I did not see tons of brides carrying cascades down the aisle for myself.

Last year, 2014 The Knot mentioned The Cascade Bouquet would be a trend and part of them was correct. Brides were looking for loose and organic hand tied bouquets. Ivy and Hanging Amaranthus were perfect flowers to help achieve the flowy cascade feel and look.

This year, 2015 I really hope to actually see more brides holding cascading bouquets. They are a real jaw dropper and will turn any head. For the tall bride a lengthy bouquet can be pulled off very well.


If your client is shorter, try something a little sweeter in floral taste with a smaller cascade drop.


1533715_979420418787232_2334246202350255662_n There is a perfect cascade for every bride.

Let’s turn the Earthy Elegance bouquets featuring Succulents, natural tones and seasonal flowers into a beautiful cascade. Soften your cascades with a romantic pastel pallet that we can only hope to see in 2015 for a unique look to any bouquet.

Creating a cascade bouquet does not mean we have to tense up and fear using the popular flowers such as Peonies, Garden Roses, Dahlias, Ranuculus and Hydrangea. Use them a create a lush unforgettable cascade bouquet for your bride.

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