Top 3 Floral Professionals to Learn From

December 2014 I posted my Top 5 Floral Educators and why I feel education is important in the floral industry. Now, February 2015, I’m coming to you with my Top 3 Floral Professionals to Learn From.

Note: I am not telling you that you need to learn from these professionals so much as I’m telling myself to. Bucket list 2015. 

There are SO many talented, gifted, accredited designers out there who I would love to attend a workshop with, help out at their shop or set up a wedding. But, there are only 3 that stand out among the rest and they are, Holly Heider Chapple , Bill Schaffer  and Francoise Weeks

Holly Heider Chapple

After I graduated college with a Certificate in Floral Design from Dundalk Community College in Baltimore, MD my teacher, Adrienne Shaffer Summers told me if I really wanted to learn from someone it was Holly. She lives in VA and has her own floral company, Holly Heider Chappel Flowers. Holly teaches many workshops in different states and is known for her Chapel Designer Conferences and encourages those who are business owners, freelancers or have a web presence to become part of her group, a Chapel Designer. You can find more about her mission with The Chapel Designers here.

The next conference will be held in March 2015 and more information can be found by clicking this link.

Bill Schaffer

In February 2011 I made a commitment to attend The Philadelphia Flower Show after hearing much about it and wanting to see all the beautiful flowers and arrangements. My mom did not want me driving to Philly by myself and recommended I take my boyfriend who I had only been dating for not even 2 weeks. Taking a guy to a flower show … think about that one. Hand in hand we walked together and I remember seeing this installation (pictured below). I thought “omg that movement, the colors, the detail, wow” It only got better as we walked through and my boyfriend pointed out the pink lamp shades. (pictured below) NEEDLESS TO SAY …  I was floored.

If it’s one person I learn from, it’s Bill. I had the pleasure of meeting him 2 years ago at The International Floral Expo and as nervous as I was, he is a really nice guy who told me to never be afraid to reach out for help.











Francoise Weeks

Woodland, Natural, Textural, Natural Headdresses, Botanical … Francoise Weeks.

At some point this year I hope to take a workshop with Francoise to learn the mechanics behind her gorgeous designs that tell a story. Unfortunately, I do not have a whole lot of blabbing to do about Francoise, except to say this is a MUST for 2015. Learn from Ms. Weeks.

Pssstttt … I almost forgot my dream will come true in June.2015 at the Florida State Florist Convention There will be a hands on workshop with Francoise at the end of the convention so go to the link above for more information. 




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