How-To Tuesday: Christmas Arrangement

Happy Holiday’s! 

With just 2 Weeks and 2 Days left until Christmas and no tree up yet, I got into the holiday spirit by creating this festive holiday arrangement. Want to know how ?? Follow the steps below.

You will need the following items and a glue gun (not pictured)

  1. IMG_6727IMG_6728 Dry Foam Wreath
  2. Spool of Multi Colored Yarn
  3.  Xmas Balls
  4. Water Tubes
  5. Wire Cutters
  6. Green Decorative Wire
  7. Green Aluminum Wire

1. Insert Filled Water Tubes into Wreath Base.

OR you can wrap the wreath in yarn first then insert water tubes.










2. Glue Christmas Balls in between water tubes









3. Cut Roses and Hydrangea at an angle then Insert into water tubes.



4. Wrap Yarn over Hydrangea and insert Rhinestone pins into Roses for interest an accent.




5. For a continued circular shape, insert Lily Grass around the wreath.

Then create coils with Green Decorative Wire for an accent.








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