How To Tutorial: Bouquet with a Recyclable Base

Hello flower friends!

If most of you did not see the bouquet I posted the other day here is your chance to see and learn how I created it using a few easy steps.

IMG_6847The materials you will need: 

Brown Paper Bag (from groceries)    

Cardboard Box (from food)

Floral Cotton

Gold Thumbtacks

White Spray Roses

Hot Glue Gun

Floral Knife (not pictured)



First, cut round circles out of the cardboard and brown paper bags from biggest to smallest.

IMG_6848Second, hot glued the circles from biggest to smallest giving a crumbled look to the smallest ones at the top.


Third, cut a round hole using a floral knife that will allow for the Rose Stems to be inserted in. Then insert Roses into hole.


Fourth, turn the bouquet over to complete the bottom. Cut wood sticks into 3rd or 4th’s using scissors then glue by overlapping in a random pattern to cover the whole base.


Fifth, turn the bouquet back over to give detail to the top of bouquet.

  • Cut wood sticks into pieces just as performed in the Forth step and glue on the edge of the bouquet.
  • Glue and tuck small pieces of floral cotton underneath the brown paper bag.
  • Insert Gold Thumbtacks as an accent in the top of the Roses.