Top 3 Tips for Keeping Calm Before Your Wedding

Top Three Tips for Keeping Calm Before Your Wedding

Jaclyn Gough

The Skinny Vase, LLC



  1. Assess the Situation & Be Pro Active: As a soon to be bride you most likely for see a lot of things needing to be done such as invitations, choosing a dress for you and the your girls – not to mention attire for the men. Choosing perfect venue and what to eat is a whole other ball game. This does not include the little details such as arranging for transportation to and from your venue, collecting invitations creating wedding favors. (an even amount of mints in each 3×5 Organza Bag please 😉 * Ask & Give your Bridesmaids or anyone you trust a checklist of things you need help with this way you will not feel bombarded and are on your way to a stress and drama free wedding day. *
  2. Meditate: As stated before there are so many things to check off your wedding list before the big day, this can get a bit over whelming. Once given others helpful jobs, take time to sit in silence and just breathe. Sounds silly and simple and first but it is easy to become overwhelmed and this will bring a little clarity into your life. Find a nice grass patch or room in your home, lite a couple candles, shut your eyes and focus on freeing your mind from worry. After they say planning a wedding is stress free – said no bride ever.
  3. EXERCISE: Get outside and move. Exercise has positive emotional and psychological side effects. Taking a walk, running, lifting weights in the gym or gardening will help produce more stress stabilizing endorphins.