The Skinny: How To Create a Foliage Wand

I’m sharing a simple and easy how to on creating a flower girl accessory your little flower fairy can carry down the aisle at your wedding. You may use this as either…

A.) A base for endless possibilities such as glueing bling, pearls, burlap, lace or any other accessory to the handle. Also you may use Oasis Cold Glue to secure fresh flowers to the top of the wand or the bottom of the grasses using light blooms such as Dendrobium Orchids.

B.) Using the wand as is or adding your own foliage such as Seeded Eucalyptus, Bear Grass or your choice.

The wand may be designed to fit the theme of your wedding.



1 Leaf of a Snake Plant

1 Wooden Stick

1 Spool of Designer Green Wire

1 Pair of Wire Cutters

1 Pair of Floral Clippers


Step 1: Cut the Snake Plant Leaf in half down the middle and cut the end of the plant off using Floral Clippers.



Step 2: Begin to wrap one of the halves onto the wooden stick starting from the bottom wrapping up the stick.

As you go wrap green wire around the leaf to secure tightly.




Step 3:  Gather small finger tip like bunches of grass and bind together using green wire at the end of the blades.


Step 4:  Using the green wire secure each little grass bunch to the top of the wand where the wooden stick is exposed.



Step 5: Repeat Step 4 and go around the top of the stick. After, add other varieties of grasses to provide interest.




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