Top 3 Tips for Wearing Flowers

Wearing flowers in your hair or on your body is such a sweet way to accent your overall appearance. Below are my top three tips for wearing flowers for any occasion whether it be casual, formal, daytime or night … or just because.

Tip 1 : K.I.S.S – Keep It Simple Stupid

Wearing a single bloom or small floret such as a hydrangea on a clip for a daytime lunch date is the perfect way for keeping things simple. Try putting a Lily, Hibiscus or Garden Rose behind your ear and out the door you go.


Tip 2 : Accessorize your wardrobe

Ditch the bangled bracelets and if you are artsy, glue a flower onto a bracelet or wear a flower ring such as a daisy. Flowers should not overpower the outfit. Wearing solid colors or tamed prints with a monochromatic floral accessory and a touch of bling will have many around you talking.


Tip 3 : Express yourself wearing blooms

Wearing certain colors reflect your mood so choose colors of flowers based on how you’re feeling. Below are just a couple examples of colors and moods.

Peaceful : Blue

Innocent/Pure: White

Love : Red

The way you wear flowers reflects your mood so maybe you choose a floral crown or flowers attached to a comb for a formal affair.

Perhaps you seek out a professionals help with creating a nice cascading wristlet for an event.

Be unique, be different and stand out from the rest. Never be afraid to wear flowers out in public . Make a statement.