Seeds of a Sister: National Sister Day!

While every day should be National Watermelon day and  National Sister’s Day, we enter the beginning of August celebrating these two events.


Watermelon is refreshing any day of the summer so why not add it to more of your food dishes, like salads. Make Fruit smoothies by  adding in pineapple and banana or your other fruit favorites.

Experiment and have fun. P.S. more seeds = more growth !

Add flax, chia or hemp seeds to your watermelon dishes 🙂

Now, for the real fun stuff. As most of you know or should know, I am a fraternal triplet. We are miracle babies for sure, being born 2 months premature and only 1 minute apart. My sisters and I share a tight bond that no one will ever be able to break and being a triplet takes it to a whole other level if you ask. No we cannot read each others mind but we can read each other pretty well when the other is feeling down or even through happy times. Yes we fight just like any other siblings.

2012 birthday celebration
2012 birthday celebration

The above photo with us wearing Daisy Rings will be updated sooner than later as we show off another “flowers to wear” creation.

It amazes me sometimes how much we’ve all grown into beautiful young ladies and I would not trade our friendship for the world.

Ashley: 1st born . 12:36  Occupational Therapist Assistant, Head Chef.

Katie: 2nd born. 12:37 Cosmotologist, Funeral Director Assistant.

Jaclyn: 3rd bown 12:38 Floral Artist.

This seemed appropriate having been around the funeral business all our lives.

Now give your sibling a call, go to lunch, SEND FLOWERS and just be grateful.


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