Jaclyn Gough Half Nude in Bloom

In the nude wearing flowers in the simplest form that I could create thus far and artistically captured on film by Michael D. Colanero of UNCOMMON Gallery exemplify’s my passion and professionalism in the field of floral design.

Below are 3 images received that I’d like to share with you today , as I’m proud of my work. The body piece was an armature created from Midilino Sticks. After creating a base fit for my torso, I de petaled a red Gerbera Daisy and created a half moon shape glueing individual petals. This was attached with two Midilino Sticks and secured with wire around my neck.

The head piece was created forming an armature just as the body piece was then secured on the front of my head with a bobby pin. I glued a couple Hypericum Berries onto the armature to give contrast  and a bit of interest. There was tons of room for play during the shoot such as putting a flower in my mouth, covering one eye with a Gerbera Daisy and actually removing the body piece and covering my other eye  where the head piece was not placed.

Overall this shoot was wonderful and very simplistic for me since normally my pieces tend to be “over the top” with massive amounts of flowers. I hope you become inspired by this Nude in Bloom shoot.

Please head over to The Skinny Vase LLC on Facebook for more creative concepts.

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