Flowers Fur Your Friends

Whether it be a family Holiday photo, Wedding Day, Anniversary Party, Family get together at the house or Engagement Photos just to name a few, why not “floratize” your furry friends too ?

Earlier this month Nick’s mom gave me this article she found in the Tampa Bay Times on “How to include your dog in your big wedding” Some of their tips included to really consider like your dogs temperament, making others aware that your pet will be part of the day, if having a party outside the house ; at a venue – make sure they are pet friendly and if your dog is not obedient either leave them home or get them trained (if trainable)

via Tampa Bay Times
via Tampa Bay Times

Aside from ways to include your dog in any occasion, what about how to dress or ” accessorize ” your pet ? I’m not talking about dressing your pet in clothes like dresses or little tuxedos even though they are cute. I’m talking about accessorizing your Furry Friends in flowers. A sweet halo on the top of the head or a collar of flowers adds another perfect and memorable touch to make the day that more special .

Most of you know Nick and I are obsessed with our adorable, smart and loving Shiba Inu so I cannot help but to put flowers on him on occasion. Yes, he is a BOY but he looks darn cute 🙂 So this is what happens when momma is a floral artist .



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