See What’s Blooming in Your Hair

There is no better way to embrace your feminine side than wearing flowers in your hair. Accessorizing with flowers are no longer just for weddings, but for a sweet spring, a sizzling summer look or any and all seasons to compliment your attire.

Earlier this month I attended the Annual Florida State Florist Association Convention held at the beautiful Bonaventure Resort in Weston, FL. Over the course of the educational packed weekend, I saw not one, not two but over three floral competitions going on. I competed for Floral Designer of the Year. Saturday, June.7,2014 at 8 am designers were given the same material to work with and three categories to design within a 2 hour time frame. That is start to complete clean up and arrangements placed in another room for judging. No pressure, right ?

For the Awards/Presidential Dinner, I chose to have flowers match my beautiful pale pink backless dress. Taking a big risk and a test on how well my mechanics were I showed up in confidence wearing over 25 pink spray roses in my hair. Later that evening I was awarded 3rd place in the Designer of the Year Competition. Christina Brown took 2nd place and Bob Tucker FSMD, 1st.

with Paul Ponn - Designer of the Year 2013
with Paul Ponn – Designer of the Year 2013




The weekend was tons of fun and I thank Deborah De La Flor & Gus for bringing some of the best designers together under one roof to share and educate the art of floral design. Next Year the convention will be held in Orlando so keep your eyes open for up to date floral happenings.

The following week I took a trip back to my hometown, Baltimore, MD to visit family and get in a photo shoot.

It dawned on me as I was designing a headpiece for the shoot how awesome it would be to create a look inspired by this for a bridal party who is into a gothic style or dark wedding. Photos were taken by the ever so talented Ben Hoffman at Jerusalem Mill in Kingsville, MD. I completed the look by doing my own make up in dark shades for an edgy appearance and to really make the red florals pop.

While it is tough to choose the best photos from our shoot, below are my top 5. Enjoy and let me know what you think. Take a risk, stand out and be unique. Floral Headdresses are an expression of who I am and tells a story of what I’m feeling at that moment. What is your story ?

For more photos head over to Ben Hoffman Facebook  and The Skinny Vase LLC 






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