How To: Floral Necklace Video

I’m happy to announce that I’ve created my first video with the help of my intelligent boyfriend, Nick Tumminello

In this short clip I show you how to finish creating the base for a flower necklace. I hand crafted a wired base using Black Designer Wire from OASIS Floral Products then loop Lily Grass through the armature form creating a nice base to glue flowers to after. The final floral necklace is pictured below the video. I hope you enjoy !

Note: This video is real and as raw as it gets. Me in my element designing as you see it – there is no practicing before hand or trying to be perfect. Just having fun creating flowers to wear.


Please share your thoughts about what you’ve just seen and if you’ve like to learn how I create another design let me know ! 🙂



Body Flowers – floral artist –

I truly wish the world had more of an open mind when it comes to the human body, photography and art in general. But, fact is we can’t always get what we want and not everyone will think alike or have an appreciation for what others do.

Below is an artistic photo from a shoot I did with the ever so talented Michael D. Colanero of Uncommon Gallery.


&& a big thanks to Jody Du Priest for the make up job.

Mother’s Day Wrap Up – florist –

First off I walked into Whole Foods on Mother’s Day Eve and you know it’s one of the busiest days because ….

Empty flower buckets.


My first Mother’s Day back in the floral industry since 2012 and it was fabulous ! This was also my first NOT working for someone with a store front to get in walk in traffic. As I stated in my previous 2 blog posts, the company I work for just does sympathy arrangements and I LOVE IT !! I could not be happier right now – it feels like “home” and I go into work knowing I’m in my “happy place”. Making the transition back into the industry was fairly “easy” but as with anything theres always a challenge like learning the computer system, back to FTD orders, seeing Mercury Direct on the top of papers that come through the fax machine and learning how others confirm orders, along with other things that come with the job.

My brain bas been in over drive and creative wheels have been spinning. I found myself in a much needed break so Nick and I came to his mothers house to visit for Mother’s Day. I will also be booking my hotel room for the Annual Florida State Florist  Association Convention.

I created this yummy hand wired bouquet of Peonies, Dendrobium Orchids, Lavender Tulips and Lily Grass. 

The base was a wired crescent armature I made over a year ago and it’s been sitting in the bedroom ever since. This was the perfect time to create something incredible with it. I bounded the bouquet together with Bind It Tape then dressed it up covering my mechanics with Lavender Metallic Wire and Pink Beaded Wire from Oasis.

IMG_2341IMG_8698 IMG_0744

I hope all my flower friends had a successful Mother’s Day and those that are now wire-free that you’ve had a smooth transition  and feel a sense of relief that you no longer have a “middle man” snowballing your business.