Give Flowers When HE Least Expects It

Last month I did a post about giving flowers to a female when she least expects its. So many think it is “odd” to give flowers to men on Valentine’s, but I personally think it’s normal . If he gets your flowers, return the favor 🙂





It’s 2014: Year of The Horse – floral designer –

January 1 marked the a new beginning for most, but for those in China, today marks a new chapter.

On Jan. 31 the Chinese New Year rings in the Year of The Horse. 




Yesterday, today and the days ahead many are celebrating by attending parades, festivals, street parties, prayer services and by watching fire work displays. There is no shortage of this in China, Thailand, The Philippines or South Korea to name a few. In celebration of the New Year, below are a couple photos from my trip in 2011 with Nick to Beijing, China.




Great Wall of China
Great Wall of China





Wishing all a healthy & happy New Year !