Give Flowers When She LEAST Expects It

Tuesday the 14th I met with my former classmate, Bayardo and basic floral design teacher, Adrienne for dinner to catch up on life and “happenings” in the floral industry. Bayardo traveled all the way from Israel to stay in MD for one month so when I found out I knew I had to purchase a ticket ASAP to see him. This short trip was totally worth every penny spent and so much more.

Adrienne, Jaclyn & Bayardo
Adrienne, Jaclyn & Bayardo

Wednesday, January.15,2014 I returned home to Fort Lauderdale, FL . Nick & Zen picked me up at the airport

and to my surprise I was gifted with flowers.



Flowers given “JUST BECAUSE” have a huge impact


they are UNEXPECTED 🙂

For the most part women always remember the last time she received flowers.

So whether you are trying to get “out of the dog house”, “just because” or a simple “thinking of you” 

Flowers make women feel beautiful so start giving today !

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