I’m Thankful for Flowers

This year I went home for Thanksgiving and what a great time everyone had ! One favorite was of course designing a Thanksgiving Centerpiece for my family. After watching my mom and aunt make a seating chart since we had 19 people at dinner, I told myself with the size of the table there had to be flowers in the middle.

I designed a Cornucopia out of black mesh I found in my mom’s basement and covered it in Green and Purple Midelino Sticks to form the base.



I put 2/3 block is Oasis in a clear Lomey Dish and placed right at the opening of the Cornucopia and designed from there.



I used decorative wire to hold some of the sticks in place, used dried mushrooms, cattails and butterflies as accents. I went to Raimondi’s, a floral shop around the corner from my mom the day before Thanksgiving and to my “surprise” they were sold out of just about every single stemmed flowers. They did have pre made arrangements for sale though but nothing that stood out to me. My choices were long lasting and flowers of lesser value but I purchased them anyway because I knew I could make something spectacular with a modern twist.

$34.00 in fresh cut flowers later , everyone loved my Thanksgiving Centerpiece and I’m so happy to see flowers in the middle of the table than a Turkey đŸ™‚

I’m so grateful for those who have taught me along the way in helping me shape my design career and am thankful for the breaks I take , as it allows me to regroup and come back stronger than before.

Screen Shot 2013-11-30 at 12.39.41 PM
Mom-Mom, Cousin and Uncle

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