Something Old, Something New, Something BLUE

In a couple series, I’ll blog a little bit about each of these but today let’s talk about something blue, after all it is my favorite color. Something blue stands for purity, love and fidelity. In 1837-1901, prior to the reign of Queen Victoria, women wore wedding dresses that followed current fashion and color including creme and ivory.  Since blue stood for purity many women wore blue wedding gowns for that reason. 




Royal CoupleQueen Victoria made a huge statement when she married Prince Albert of Saxe wearing a white satin gown, adorned with flowers in her hair, lace veil and an 18 foot train. Soon after, Victoria started something for brides – those in Europe and America began wearing white wedding dresses as well.

Since this post is primarily about something blue, if you were to go back in time and wear a blue wedding dress what would it look like or would you still choose white ?

Below are a couple gorgeous Blue gowns I think are fabulous and what a surprise it would be to everyone to wear a dress as your something blue 🙂












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