Timeless Design Pattern: Chevron

No, I’m not talking about the gas station and the rise in gas prices, I’m talking about the inverted “V” that is appearing on Victoria Secret Bathing suits, table cloths, clothing on the runway, lampshades, napkins, table cloth runners, curtains/panels and just about anything you can imagine. This pattern was especially popular in the 70’s but has made a huge comeback and is now a summer trend for 2013.







Not to be confused with the Herringbone Pattern which can be seen as backsplash pattern, pavements or floor tiling.






If you look up what the definition of Chevron is , this will show up “b : a sleeve badge that usually consists of one or more chevron-shaped stripes that indicates the wearer’s rank and service (as in the armed forces)” http://www.merriamwebster.com/dictionary/chevron


You will find there is a ton of history on Chevron so take the time to do a little research 🙂

Today, Chevron has made it’s way not only in the fashion industry but floral as well. I’m noticing more table cloths topped with monochromatic color schemes seen at weddings or bridal shows and bolder chevron patterned colors for birthday parties or Bat Mitzvahs.

There are countless ways to play around with this fun pattern , so with the right colors, accents, flowers and decor you can create a timeless design that will have your guests talking over and over about it.

How do you incorporate this “inverted v” pattern into your designs ?


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