Blooms inside the Bellagio

This past weekend, Nick was invited out to teach at the NSCA Personal Trainer Conference in Las Vegas. If you don’t already know, Nick is the Owner of Performance University International, fitness writer, teacher and presenter who has taught throughout the US and in China, Iceland and Canada. For more information on Nick and his work please head over to his web site . Thanks for all you do, Nick! During his stay he visited the Bellagio and took a couple photos of the Botanical Gardens for me that I’d like to share with everyone. I’ve never been to Vegas before but am stoked to go for the first time in June for the AIFD National Symposium . If interested in attending this educational event go to I hope many attend and share their passion with the rest of us floral lovers 🙂




Thank you for walking through the garden :)
Thank you for walking through the garden 🙂


IMG_3552I cannot wait to see this up close in person in 3 months. See you there !




What Does the Golden Mean Really Mean ?

In floristry the ODD’s win over the EVEN. The Rule of Thirds are applied to all types of art; floral, architecture, graphic design, photography, etc.


In floral design, flowers and objects including vases are typically grouped in odd numbers and are usually emphasized in an arrangement. It is not only easier to design using odd numbers, 3,5 & 7 but is visually more pleasing than using even; 2,4 &6. One of the 6 Principles of Floral Design is Proportion  which brings me to talk about the Golden Mean. Technically the ratio is 1.1688 and is simplified to a 2:3 ratio. Example: 2 to 3, 3 to 5 and 5 to 8 are all about the same ratio; therefore are equally pleasing. The Golden Rule can determine how high flowers should be and the width of an arrangement. A 3 to 5 ratio could apply to this, 3 being the container, 5 the flowers and 8 totaling the arrangement. This rule can also apply to WHERE a floral arrangement is placed. For instance instead of centering an arrangement in the middle of a table, off center it, placing in the upper right or left hand corner. This division is more pleasing to the eye and natural.

The sequence of the Golden Rule begins with 0 and 1. All you have to do is add the last two numbers together to get the next number in the sequence. Example : 0+1=1, 1+1=2, 1+2=3, 2+3=5, 3+5=8, and so on. The series becomes : 1,2,3,5,8,13,21,34,55,89,144 etc.


The Golden Mean is a Greek rule of proportion referring to the division of a line that is the most pleasing to the eye. Through this we as artists and designers can create a harmonious, proportionate and well balanced floral creations. Equal division in floral design can be straight forward and sometimes can add lack of interest. Unequal division creates a lack a harmony and the Golden Mean is within good proportion, is appealing to the eye and draws others into it.

Have Your Flower and Eat It Too !

Edible flowers are fun and a brilliant way to add color to any plate, especially when you grow and pick them from your own garden. A couple weeks ago a friend asked me this, ” Jackster.. Question.. Lol so like u know how vegetarians get angry w meat eaters.. Do u get angry when people eat those flowers they decorate plates with? Lol ” My response without getting into a serious conversation was, “Well, I don’t get angry with meat eaters, just find there are other great foods  and …. well, some flowers are edible” Not every flower grown in nature is edible and some are actually poisonous so be sure to read up before you eat. In addition, avoid flowers that have been sprayed with pesticides which are used against insects. For nourishing your body with flowers, you may consider some of the following: Below are my top 7. 

Marigolds : Let Flowers Be Thy Medicine . A flower that is popular in India can be used as soap, ointment, herbal tea just to name a few.

Peony : Used in China for medicine, the petals of this flower can be added to salads or to float in your drink.

Gardenias : It hurts my throat to be around them in a flower shop, but this flower can be eaten raw or preserved in honey.

Carnations : Separate the petals from the calyx and this can be used in soups, garnish salads or jellies.

Dandelions: When I competed, I used to take Dandelion Root in pill form. But, the leaves can be used on salads and the heads to make wine or to cook with. This flower aids in weight reduction and helps to cleanse your system.

Roses : STOP , SMELL AND EAT THE ROSES 🙂 Roses are long used in teas and can be consumed when picked straight from the garden. Pull the petals and enjoy ! The roses from a flower shop tend to be sprayed with pesticides so stay away from these. 

Fennel : This hardy flower is flavorful and taste wonderful in green smoothies 🙂