Here A Wire, There A Wire, Everywhere a Wire Service

Dear printer, stop spitting out pitiful orders … phone calls to other florists out of state who wire over a $29.99 order TOTAL that means a $7.99 DELIVERY included – WHAT THE ??? $22.00 on an arrangement – VASE included ? What about labor ? I’ll never forget working in a retail shop in Baltimore on Mother’s Day weekend on my hands and knees at the printer CRYING … yes crying my little blue eyes out because of the massive amount of orders coming out at me. Mind you I was the only worker at the one location that was inside a hospital so you can only imagine the walk-in traffic. I think I was spent more time on the phone than designing – calling customer, recipient, Teleflora Headquarters and the Sending floral shop … you name it, I talked to them. 10 min. on the phone could of been 10 precious minutes in design time. STOP THE MADNESS !!!

Jose Pagliery @CNN Money gives us a fabulous write up on why florist dread Valentine’s Day ! This is a must read for ALL CONSUMERS AND FLORISTS 🙂


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