One Short Day in the EMERALD CITY :)

” One short day full of so much to do ” … as the lyrics go from the musical Wicked 🙂 Start prepping your Mood Boards now, flower friends and designers!

So who is excited that it’s been announced by Pantone that Emerald is the official COLOR OF THE YEAR for 2013 ?!


The Emerald is the May Birthstone and one of the most beloved gems. It is favored by many regardless if you are a May baby or not and is also the traditional gift for the 55th WEDDING Anniversary.

So will you be leaning towards bold or subtle colors mixed with Emerald ? Or will you choose to keep things simple and combine different shades of green ? How does Mint, sage or lime sound combined with a deeper green such as Emerald for a nice pop ? … Even using a deep red for that perfect complement 🙂 Whatever combination you choose, have fun, play around and be creative !

I dig it and cannot wait to see what is in store for 2013!

ENJOY !! 🙂

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