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The Skinny: How To Create a Mixed Floral Halo

While I’m well aware there are hundreds of “how to” floral crown tutorials on the web, I’d like to show you how I personally create these sweet floral accessories.

Step 1: Gather floral products you will use to create the halo and tools needed such as wire cutters, floral clippers, diamond wire (decorative wire) and alumniumn wire (any wire will do though).


Step 2: Create a circle to fit your head comfortably out of Diamond wire.



Step 3: Begin with your filler flowers: Solidago, Monte Casino & Statice: Cut 1″- 1 1/2″ off the ends and create little fingertip bundles. Followed by cutting 2″ + Alumniumn wire and wrapping around the end of bundles to secure leaving enough wire on the end to begin securing to Halo base.


IMG_6666IMG_6800Step 4: Continue repeating Step 3 until the base is covered all around with the filler flowers.


Step 5: Cut focal flowers that will complete the halo such as daisies and mums and group one of each mum (green & purple) in sets of two. Pierce wire horizontally through the stems and wire in between the filler flowers on the halo. Repeat all the way around then fill in with yellow & white daisies using the same wire technique.





Final floral halo is pictured above. Enjoy every minute of creating floral halos and wearing them.

Designed by: Jaclyn Gough

The Skinny Vase, LLC

Top 3 Tips for Wearing Flowers

Wearing flowers in your hair or on your body is such a sweet way to accent your overall appearance. Below are my top three tips for wearing flowers for any occasion whether it be casual, formal, daytime or night … or just because.

Tip 1 : K.I.S.S – Keep It Simple Stupid

Wearing a single bloom or small floret such as a hydrangea on a clip for a daytime lunch date is the perfect way for keeping things simple. Try putting a Lily, Hibiscus or Garden Rose behind your ear and out the door you go.


Tip 2 : Accessorize your wardrobe

Ditch the bangled bracelets and if you are artsy, glue a flower onto a bracelet or wear a flower ring such as a daisy. Flowers should not overpower the outfit. Wearing solid colors or tamed prints with a monochromatic floral accessory and a touch of bling will have many around you talking.


Tip 3 : Express yourself wearing blooms

Wearing certain colors reflect your mood so choose colors of flowers based on how you’re feeling. Below are just a couple examples of colors and moods.

Peaceful : Blue

Innocent/Pure: White

Love : Red

The way you wear flowers reflects your mood so maybe you choose a floral crown or flowers attached to a comb for a formal affair.

Perhaps you seek out a professionals help with creating a nice cascading wristlet for an event.

Be unique, be different and stand out from the rest. Never be afraid to wear flowers out in public . Make a statement.




While, most of my work may be “over the top”, extravagant, run way ready or maybe not even your personal style, I do create smaller, petite floral crowns. These may be worn every day or for your special occasion.

Today we live in a world of DIY Brides, those who dream of becoming a flower child and for some to feel like a “hippie”.

I’d like to take the time to share my top 5 flower crowns that I’ve rounded up from the last couple months and hope you will some day want to wear a floral crown or reach out if there is any way I can help create gorgeous flowers to wear for you.

Perfect for weddings, photo shoots, every day wear such as lunch by the beach, anniversary , engagement shoot or anything you can possibly think of. The possibilities are endless.

Come flourish with me!

1653401_830017440394198_5843024650142169916_n 10343495_836281399767802_7427975180558816601_n 10347633_838312226231386_7579913177872249408_n 10435935_800912949971314_7947998151500623021_n 10610947_10202570470722647_2871212767144079260_n

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Floratize your asana

Nick’s mom Faith and her husband, John spent last weekend with me as we attended a yoga workshop taught by Anand at 305 Yoga in Sunny Isles, FL. Because Faith is a gorgeous yogi and also the owner of Flow Yoga Pilates & Personal Training I chose to floratize her body with her permission as she gracefully transitioned into different yoga positions.

I hope you will be just as amazed and impressed as I am !

Nothing beats a downward facing dog with a hand tied spiral bouquet sitting on your toosh :)

Thank you Faith for being my beautiful model.

IMG_5194 IMG_5176 IMG_5169 IMG_5160 IMG_5156

Baltimore Baby’s Breath Flower Crowns

Yesterday I flew in for a very special event, my Mom-Mom’s 80th surprise birthday party which was held at Squires, one of her favorite restaurants. This is the first time flying with just a carry on and no floral knives, wire etc. because I wanted to free my brain from creating. The goal was to just be for the next 2 days so I can return home back with a clear, strong mind, eager to design at the end of the week.

It would be very “unlike” myself to show up without flowers so I carried a few flowers to wear on the plane with me.

It seems that many are loving the trend that will never go away, Flower Crowns. DIY Brides love Baby’s Breath Flower Crowns because they are simple to make and look Boho Chic and super cute on flower girls for a wedding. More females are wearing tiny flower crowns on the regular though which I personally think is wonderful.

Below are photos of the flower crowns I created for my God-child and my sisters fiancé’s child. Toward the middle of the party I noticed the flower crowns being shared from head to head to wear :)

Screen Shot 2014-08-11 at 7.31.15 AM Screen Shot 2014-08-11 at 7.31.58 AM Screen Shot 2014-08-11 at 7.32.40 AM Crowns are also beautiful for Bridesmaids in a bridal party too !


In conclusion , I seal off my evening and this post with a little Fallen Angel (Floral Style)



Seeds of a Sister: National Sister Day!

While every day should be National Watermelon day and  National Sister’s Day, we enter the beginning of August celebrating these two events.


Watermelon is refreshing any day of the summer so why not add it to more of your food dishes, like salads. Make Fruit smoothies by  adding in pineapple and banana or your other fruit favorites.

Experiment and have fun. P.S. more seeds = more growth !

Add flax, chia or hemp seeds to your watermelon dishes :)

Now, for the real fun stuff. As most of you know or should know, I am a fraternal triplet. We are miracle babies for sure, being born 2 months premature and only 1 minute apart. My sisters and I share a tight bond that no one will ever be able to break and being a triplet takes it to a whole other level if you ask. No we cannot read each others mind but we can read each other pretty well when the other is feeling down or even through happy times. Yes we fight just like any other siblings.

2012 birthday celebration

2012 birthday celebration

The above photo with us wearing Daisy Rings will be updated sooner than later as we show off another “flowers to wear” creation.

It amazes me sometimes how much we’ve all grown into beautiful young ladies and I would not trade our friendship for the world.

Ashley: 1st born . 12:36  Occupational Therapist Assistant, Head Chef.

Katie: 2nd born. 12:37 Cosmotologist, Funeral Director Assistant.

Jaclyn: 3rd bown 12:38 Floral Artist.


This seemed appropriate having been around the funeral business all our lives.

Now give your sibling a call, go to lunch, SEND FLOWERS and just be grateful.

“I’m getting married & want BLUE flowers !”

Pump your brakes … NOT ME !

I’ve heard this quite a few times since I became a floral designer and while there are not a wide range of Blue Flowers found in nature, there are some such as the Phaleanopsis Orchid or Dendrobium Orchid that are stem dyed to create that blue hue with a touch of purple most brides are going after. A couple other blue flowers are Blue Hydrangea and Blue Hybrid Delphinium.

IMG_7688 IMG_4812










blue-hydrangea-painted Delphinium-flower-light-blue












Talk with your floral designer about the best color combinations to go with the above flowers for your big day :)



Jaclyn Gough Half Nude in Bloom

In the nude wearing flowers in the simplest form that I could create thus far and artistically captured on film by Michael D. Colanero of UNCOMMON Gallery exemplify’s my passion and professionalism in the field of floral design.

Below are 3 images received that I’d like to share with you today , as I’m proud of my work. The body piece was an armature created from Midilino Sticks. After creating a base fit for my torso, I de petaled a red Gerbera Daisy and created a half moon shape glueing individual petals. This was attached with two Midilino Sticks and secured with wire around my neck.

The head piece was created forming an armature just as the body piece was then secured on the front of my head with a bobby pin. I glued a couple Hypericum Berries onto the armature to give contrast  and a bit of interest. There was tons of room for play during the shoot such as putting a flower in my mouth, covering one eye with a Gerbera Daisy and actually removing the body piece and covering my other eye  where the head piece was not placed.

Overall this shoot was wonderful and very simplistic for me since normally my pieces tend to be “over the top” with massive amounts of flowers. I hope you become inspired by this Nude in Bloom shoot.

Please head over to The Skinny Vase LLC on Facebook for more creative concepts.

10509560_10152399374872638_1651275405038764041_n 10527714_10152399374787638_2335766081096044813_n 1937462_10152399374882638_8431853417641390863_n

Blogging about Blooms in Vegas !

Good Morning from Las Vegas ! For my first time ever I was fortunate enough to tag along with boyfriend, Nick Tumminello for a little fitness fun and a V.A.C.A.T.I.O.N Once we arrived to my surprise I found this 24 Hour Flower Cooler ;)


Last year I blogged about Blooms inside the Bellagio which feature flower photos Nick took for me since I was unable to come with him. This year I’m so excited I am able to see everything I can possibly see in Vegas and the flowers are icing on the cake for me. HELLO FLORGASM! Our first day was eventful and at night after dinner we headed to the Bellagio for Nicks favorite Cab Car Drink and a walk through the garden.


Inside the Paris Hotel

Inside the Paris Hotel

Nick in front of gorgeous florals @Bellagio

Nick in front of gorgeous florals @ Bellagio

Last but not least, I leave you with Gold Man ;)


Got Gyp ?

Check out this awesome head to toe floral piece I created the other day.

The skirt is made of 3 different colors of Tulle tightly secured onto Burlap. Rose Petals individually glued on to give the skirt more fullness. The top was created using Tulle as the Foundation then  2 groupings of Gypsophilia a.k.a Babies Breath criss crossed each other and secured with a pearl accent. After to hide mechanics, I made 2 little garlands that were fastened around my neck.

My hair had 3 upside down braids which brought the remaining hair to the top of my head that I formed into a loose bun.

Instead of creating a headpiece my “normal” way, I secured with Bobby Pins for this since it was really small.

To top things off I added a touch of bling with Fitz Products on top of my eye brows.



Got Gyp ?

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