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Top 3 Tips for Keeping Calm Before Your Wedding

Top Three Tips for Keeping Calm Before Your Wedding

Jaclyn Gough

The Skinny Vase, LLC



  1. Assess the Situation & Be Pro Active: As a soon to be bride you most likely for see a lot of things needing to be done such as invitations, choosing a dress for you and the your girls – not to mention attire for the men. Choosing perfect venue and what to eat is a whole other ball game. This does not include the little details such as arranging for transportation to and from your venue, collecting invitations creating wedding favors. (an even amount of mints in each 3×5 Organza Bag please ;) * Ask & Give your Bridesmaids or anyone you trust a checklist of things you need help with this way you will not feel bombarded and are on your way to a stress and drama free wedding day. *
  2. Meditate: As stated before there are so many things to check off your wedding list before the big day, this can get a bit over whelming. Once given others helpful jobs, take time to sit in silence and just breathe. Sounds silly and simple and first but it is easy to become overwhelmed and this will bring a little clarity into your life. Find a nice grass patch or room in your home, lite a couple candles, shut your eyes and focus on freeing your mind from worry. After they say planning a wedding is stress free – said no bride ever.
  3. EXERCISE: Get outside and move. Exercise has positive emotional and psychological side effects. Taking a walk, running, lifting weights in the gym or gardening will help produce more stress stabilizing endorphins.

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A family that wear flowers together, stays together.

Everyone benefits from wearing flowers!

  • Flowers have been proven to reduce stress
  • Wearing flowers makes you feel more alive and vibrant !
  • Having the scent of flowers on you can increase your overall mood and feeling of healthiness.
  • Wearing flowers is very fashionable even if it is something so simple such as a flower ring.

The below photo is of a family wearing flowers which was taken on Sunday at an industry event.

Wear. Flowers. Every. Damn. Day photo-1

I said ‘YES to the dress!’



Would you say ‘yes’ to a dress that was custom made especially for you out of flowers ?? 

I said ‘yes’ after making this as it was not exactly what I envisioned. However, as I went through the design process it all came to me and fell into place resulting in a spectacular dress that is sure to turn heads :)

P.s All the individual petal glueing was worth every waking and laboring hour.

The Skinny: How To Create a Foliage Wand

I’m sharing a simple and easy how to on creating a flower girl accessory your little flower fairy can carry down the aisle at your wedding. You may use this as either…

A.) A base for endless possibilities such as glueing bling, pearls, burlap, lace or any other accessory to the handle. Also you may use Oasis Cold Glue to secure fresh flowers to the top of the wand or the bottom of the grasses using light blooms such as Dendrobium Orchids.

B.) Using the wand as is or adding your own foliage such as Seeded Eucalyptus, Bear Grass or your choice.

The wand may be designed to fit the theme of your wedding.



1 Leaf of a Snake Plant

1 Wooden Stick

1 Spool of Designer Green Wire

1 Pair of Wire Cutters

1 Pair of Floral Clippers


Step 1: Cut the Snake Plant Leaf in half down the middle and cut the end of the plant off using Floral Clippers.



Step 2: Begin to wrap one of the halves onto the wooden stick starting from the bottom wrapping up the stick.

As you go wrap green wire around the leaf to secure tightly.




Step 3:  Gather small finger tip like bunches of grass and bind together using green wire at the end of the blades.


Step 4:  Using the green wire secure each little grass bunch to the top of the wand where the wooden stick is exposed.



Step 5: Repeat Step 4 and go around the top of the stick. After, add other varieties of grasses to provide interest.



Why I Hate Photo Booths for Wedding Receptions

Congratulations ! You just got engaged and now the fun begins! You’ve begun pinning thousands of photos onto your pinterest board, created a high pile of magazine cut outs and for some, you’re still figuring out how to work that Karen Tran Floral inspired arrangement into your budget. In addition, you’ve started a check list of what vendors you need to hire to make your day the most magical it’s ever been. But, how will you capture all of these moments ? Is it from the wana be / so called “Photographer” friend of the family ? Or you figure because everyone relies heavily on technology these days that you’ll hire a real photographer for the ceremony but ditch them for the reception because they don’t fit into your budget. Maybe you figure what the heck, guests will take tons of selfies all night so theres no need for professional photographers anyway… These photos will end up on social media before you can even say “cheese” again for the next photo.

OR maybe you just got back from your friends wild wedding who had a PHOTO BOOTH and now you must have one to try and out shine her ;)

Unfortunately, photo booths can be a tad bit pricey. For example, I just Google Searched “Miami Photobooth” and this is what came up first

So almost $1,000 for a booth where you don’t see your guests for half the night because they are taking drunk photos in a 6 ft. Tall box.

CONGRATULATIONS, best drunken wedding photo goes to ….

Here are a couple Pros and Cons to having a photo booth in my most honest opinion.

Pro # 1: You will get hundreds of goofy photos of “friends” squeezed into a box wearing oversized plastic glasses pretending to like each other.

Con # 1: You will get hundreds of the SAME goofy photos of “friends” squeezed into a box wearing oversized plastic glasses pretending to like each other.

And of course other pros are …

1. Getting family together for a unique family photo

2. People love cramming into photo booths and in return this results in silly faces.

The other cons are…

1. Booths are rented by the hour … you do the math.

2. You can only fit so many people into the booth.

3. All props are the same (for the most part) same black mustache, same hot pink glasses etc.

I’ve taken it upon myself to put on my thinking cap and figure out a way to think OUTSIDE the box creating Petal Props without the box and the overpriced rental fee.



The Skinny Vase, LLC primary focus is on flowers to wear. I figured why not put a twist on the original photo booth props creating flowered props.

Pro #1 : It’s affordable ! Message me for more information.

Pro # 2: Your guests can take the props home.

Pro #3: NO BOOTH required. As stated before, with so many using their smart phone I’m sure you’ll get tons of photos worth sharing on social media. If you hire a photographer you can get those images too of you and your friends having fun all over the dance floor with these fun props!

Pro # 4: Props can be created to fit the theme of your wedding or to your liking & you don’t have to be in a booth to take photos.


Why blend in with the standard props when you can stand out from the rest ??


The Skinny: How To Create a Mixed Floral Halo

While I’m well aware there are hundreds of “how to” floral crown tutorials on the web, I’d like to show you how I personally create these sweet floral accessories.

Step 1: Gather floral products you will use to create the halo and tools needed such as wire cutters, floral clippers, diamond wire (decorative wire) and alumniumn wire (any wire will do though).


Step 2: Create a circle to fit your head comfortably out of Diamond wire.



Step 3: Begin with your filler flowers: Solidago, Monte Casino & Statice: Cut 1″- 1 1/2″ off the ends and create little fingertip bundles. Followed by cutting 2″ + Alumniumn wire and wrapping around the end of bundles to secure leaving enough wire on the end to begin securing to Halo base.


IMG_6666IMG_6800Step 4: Continue repeating Step 3 until the base is covered all around with the filler flowers.


Step 5: Cut focal flowers that will complete the halo such as daisies and mums and group one of each mum (green & purple) in sets of two. Pierce wire horizontally through the stems and wire in between the filler flowers on the halo. Repeat all the way around then fill in with yellow & white daisies using the same wire technique.





Final floral halo is pictured above. Enjoy every minute of creating floral halos and wearing them.

Designed by: Jaclyn Gough

The Skinny Vase, LLC

Top 3 Tips for Wearing Flowers

Wearing flowers in your hair or on your body is such a sweet way to accent your overall appearance. Below are my top three tips for wearing flowers for any occasion whether it be casual, formal, daytime or night … or just because.

Tip 1 : K.I.S.S – Keep It Simple Stupid

Wearing a single bloom or small floret such as a hydrangea on a clip for a daytime lunch date is the perfect way for keeping things simple. Try putting a Lily, Hibiscus or Garden Rose behind your ear and out the door you go.


Tip 2 : Accessorize your wardrobe

Ditch the bangled bracelets and if you are artsy, glue a flower onto a bracelet or wear a flower ring such as a daisy. Flowers should not overpower the outfit. Wearing solid colors or tamed prints with a monochromatic floral accessory and a touch of bling will have many around you talking.


Tip 3 : Express yourself wearing blooms

Wearing certain colors reflect your mood so choose colors of flowers based on how you’re feeling. Below are just a couple examples of colors and moods.

Peaceful : Blue

Innocent/Pure: White

Love : Red

The way you wear flowers reflects your mood so maybe you choose a floral crown or flowers attached to a comb for a formal affair.

Perhaps you seek out a professionals help with creating a nice cascading wristlet for an event.

Be unique, be different and stand out from the rest. Never be afraid to wear flowers out in public . Make a statement.




While, most of my work may be “over the top”, extravagant, run way ready or maybe not even your personal style, I do create smaller, petite floral crowns. These may be worn every day or for your special occasion.

Today we live in a world of DIY Brides, those who dream of becoming a flower child and for some to feel like a “hippie”.

I’d like to take the time to share my top 5 flower crowns that I’ve rounded up from the last couple months and hope you will some day want to wear a floral crown or reach out if there is any way I can help create gorgeous flowers to wear for you.

Perfect for weddings, photo shoots, every day wear such as lunch by the beach, anniversary , engagement shoot or anything you can possibly think of. The possibilities are endless.

Come flourish with me!

1653401_830017440394198_5843024650142169916_n 10343495_836281399767802_7427975180558816601_n 10347633_838312226231386_7579913177872249408_n 10435935_800912949971314_7947998151500623021_n 10610947_10202570470722647_2871212767144079260_n

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Floratize your asana

Nick’s mom Faith and her husband, John spent last weekend with me as we attended a yoga workshop taught by Anand at 305 Yoga in Sunny Isles, FL. Because Faith is a gorgeous yogi and also the owner of Flow Yoga Pilates & Personal Training I chose to floratize her body with her permission as she gracefully transitioned into different yoga positions.

I hope you will be just as amazed and impressed as I am !

Nothing beats a downward facing dog with a hand tied spiral bouquet sitting on your toosh :)

Thank you Faith for being my beautiful model.

IMG_5194 IMG_5176 IMG_5169 IMG_5160 IMG_5156

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